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Fortis Hospital Mohali Achieves Milestone in Organ Transplantation

Fortis Hospital Mohali Achieves Milestone in Organ Transplantation: In a ground-breaking medical advancement, Fortis Hospital Mohali has successfully completed its first Heart Transplant Surgery and the third Deceased Donor Kidney Transplant Surgery.

Fortis Hospital Mohali Achieves Milestone in Organ TransplantationThe operations mark a significant achievement for the hospital, establishing it as the first private healthcare facility north of Delhi-NCR to conduct a heart transplant and as a Centre of Excellence for Deceased Donor Transplant.

The heart transplant was performed by the Cardiac Surgery Team led by Dr TS Mahant, Executive Director and Head-Cardiac Surgery; and including Dr Ambuj Chaudhary,
Dr Manoranjan Sahoo, Dr Alok Suryavanshi and Dr Mohd. Luqman, on a 50-year-old male patient suffering from advanced heart failure. They were ably supported by the team of cardiologists led by Dr RK Jaswal, Head of Department and Director of Cardiology and Director – Cathlabs, and Dr Arun Kochar, Additional Director of Cardiology.

This operation was made possible thanks to a 50-year-old brain-dead donor, who also provided kidneys for a 67-year-old recipient. The donor’s liver was transported to a hospital in Jaipur via a ‘green corridor’.

Fortis Hospital Mohali Achieves Milestone in Organ TransplantationThe Ropar-based donor was admitted to Fortis Hospital Mohali on November 25, 2023, with intracranial bleeding and severe health complications. Following consultations, the donor’s family consented to organ donation. The hospital’s Brain Death Committee and nominee of the state appointed by the DRME (Medical Education and Research Department), Punjab, confirmed the brain death.

Ashish Bhatia, Executive Vice President, Fortis Healthcare, expressed pride over this achievement, stating, Fortis Hospital Mohali has not only become a pioneer in heart and kidney transplant surgeries in the region but also a beacon of hope for patients awaiting transplants in North India. We are grateful for the support of the state government, ROTTO, and NOTTO, and commend the donors family for their noble gesture that has saved multiple lives.

Fortis Hospital Mohali facilitates organ donation registration across various organs and adheres to stringent guidelines for recipient evaluation and registration through NOTTO.

The Organ Donation registration process is managed by Dr Satish Sharma, Transplant Coordinator, who can be contacted at 9915146607 for further information.

Know More About Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare Limited – an IHH Healthcare Berhad Company – is a leading integrated healthcare services provider in India. It is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country with 27 healthcare facilities (including projects under development), 4100 operational beds and over 419 diagnostics centres (including JVs). Fortis is present in India, United Arab Emirates (UAE) & Sri Lanka. The Company is listed on the BSE Ltd and National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India. It draws strength from its partnership with global major and parent company, IHH, to build upon its culture of world-class patient care and superlative clinical excellence. Fortis employs 23,000 people (including SRL) who share its vision of becoming the world’s most trusted healthcare network. Fortis offers a full spectrum of integrated healthcare services ranging from clinics to quaternary care facilities and a wide range of ancillary services.

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