Gagan® expands into New range of Cooking Oils


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Gagan®, is a registered trade mark and a heritage brand of Bunge India Pvt. Ltd. which is synonymous with taste and celebration. One of the largest selling Vanaspati brands in India, Gagan® Vanaspati was revamped last year with attractive new packaging. Gagan Vanaspati is fortified with Vitamin A & D and contains zero cholesterol. The brand Gagan® which has always stood for good food & celebration has relaunched itself in the edible oil category with six variants. In addition to Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil, there are 5 more variants namely Soyabean, Cottonseed, Sunflower, Rice Bran, and Groundnut. The key highlight of Gagan® Edible Oils is its “Activ 4 Benefits” which are a storehouse of nutrition and nourishment. The recently designed logo and packaging labels of Gagan® give a fresh and innovative look to the product yet retaining the traditional ethos of the brand Gagan®.

Gagan® Edible Oils apart from adding flavour to food also provides various nutritional benefits as each variant contains its own “Activ 4 Benefits” such as Vitamin A & D, Antioxidants, MUFA etc. Gagan Edible Oils will be initially available to consumers across North India in six different variants. The products come with informative packaging and will be available in 4 different formats – food grade plastic Pouches, Bottles, Jars as well as Tins.

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Commenting on Gagan’s Edible Oil category, Mr Dinesh Agrawal, Business Head, B2C Foods, Bunge India said, “Starting with the thought of “Jahan Gagan, Wahan Jashan” Gagan is known to be at the heart of every celebration and keeping up with this ideology we have wide  range of Gagan® Cooking Oils. The philosophy of the brand reflects celebration of every small moment in life. In India, no celebration is complete without good food and Gagan® stands for this great taste of celebration. We have six different variants in the edible oil category to provide a suitable base for every kind of cuisine. With its “Activ 4 Benefits” in each of the 6 variants, Gagan® Cooking Oils indeed live up to its brand messaging tagline “Khao Gagan, Raho Magan”™ by adding flavor to a range of cuisines making them tastier and healthier.”

Chef Dev Raj, Assistant Professor, Chandigarh University also demonstrated an extensive range of dishes using each variant of Gagan Edible Oils making this occasion a true celebration of the taste buds.


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