Gits brings a lunch box menu for working mothers


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The lazy and enjoyable summer vacations are coming to an end and schools are soon re-opening.If you are the one packing your child’s lunch, it istime you start thinking along the lines of what should goto that lunchbox to keep your child energetic and attentive through the entire day at school. For working parents all this planning may get you worried since you want to ensure your child gets a healthy and hygienic meal without having to spend much time in the kitchen. Keep your worries aside as Gits brings the smartest choice for all smart parents with its range of Ready Meals, a healthy and tasty menu for the lunch box!

Children have the tendency to get hungry quiet often and in schools with shorter lunch breaks they are naturally inclined towards consuming unhealthy junk food to satiate their hunger. The only solution to this problem could be to provide filling and tasty meals that keep your child full and attentive through the entire day at school. The Gits range of ready meals that includes Pau Bhaji, Dal Makhani, Veg Biryani and Paneer Tikka Masala amongst others are the perfect solution for all working mothers who do not have the time to prepare elaborate meals on account of their busy schedules. Gits Ready Meals do not contain any preservatives or added colours.

Gits heat and eat range of Ready Meals can be consumed in just 2 simple steps. The lunchbox menu is surely never going to get boring for your child and at the same time also satiate his or her taste buds. So why wait? Grab the Gits range of Ready Meals at any store near you!

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Product Price (in Rupees) Quantity (in Grams)
Pau Bhaji  Rs.75 300 GMS


Veg Biryani  Rs.79 265 GMS


Dal Makhani  Rs.75
300 GMS


Paneer Tikka Masala  Rs.95

285 GMS



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