Government moots plan to create Harike Conservation Society


To mitigate threats to wild animals and birds

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The Punjab Government has mooted setting up ‘Harike Conservation Society’a to achieve the mandate of wildlife conservation and promote study of zoology and ecology of the harike area.

Punjab_LogoStating this, a Government spokesperson said that under the plan ‘Harike Conservation Society’ has been created with main mission of managing or preventing wildlife crises and mitigating threats to individual wild animals/birds, their populations and habitats through holistic strategies and practical interventions and also promote ecotourism.

He also disclosed that the Harike conservation society will be a self-sustaining body which shall include members from aligning departments, nature lovers, local representative, educationist or member from scientific organization and non-government organization.

The conservation society will act as supervising as well as advisory registered body for the better management of the wildlife and the sanctuary vis a vis project and can be assigned any other responsibility from the Government/Management.

The society will go a long way in helping to develope this area into a eco-tourism spot which shall add to the tourist influx. Being near to Golden Temple, Amritsar and Goindwal Sahib and Sabraon (religious and historic places), it will enhance the tourist value of this region manifold. Besides this, the protection of wildlife and its habitat area shall also be improved. Employment and income for the local community will be generated. There will be environmental benefits namely preservation of flora and fauna Carbon fixation, Pollution control, Soil and water conservation. Poverty alleviation through eco-tourism related income generating activities in the periphery of the sanctuary and Project interventions will greatly ensure the protection of wildlife and conservation of this ravine and soil erosion prone area.

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