Gurbax Singh Retd Supdt Of Punjab Police Joins Punjab Lok Hit Abiyian

NewZNew (Ferozpur) : Jagmeet Singh Brar Convenor Punjab Lok Hit Abiyian addressing a press conference here at Ferozpur while joining former senior police officer S. Gurbax Singh and many Sarpanches from the district joined the Lok Hit Abhiyan started by S. Jagmeet Singh Brar.
jagmeet-brar-newsS. Gurbax Singh said “My colleagues and I have been deeply impressed by the policies of S. Jagmeet Singh Brar and by his commitment to fight for the real issues of Punjab by rising above personal interest and we commit ourselves to the demand for farmer loan waivers and ordinance to stop suicides”
Brar expressed anguish at the attitude of the Punjab & Central governments on the matter of farmer suicides in Punjab.
He said, “There are 5-6 suicides in Punjab everyday, land & homes are taken away and poor farmers are pushed to suicide & drugs and if this continues even militancy may return to Punjab”
Blaming the loan recovery policies of banks and private lenders he said “At least, government banks should show mercy to these poor families, they are publicly humiliated and death is the only option left for them, I have met dozens of suicide victim families – they die when you kill their hope”
He added “Our main agenda is that the NDA/Akali Govt must bring an Ordinance immediately to stop banks and lenders from taking properties of poor farmers – this must be done immediately till a permanent solution is finalised. If the NDA Govt can make the Land Acquisition Ordinance again and again to give land to Industrialists then why cant they make a ordinance ONCE to save farmers from suicide, if more than 100,000 Cr loans of the rich can be waived then why not for farmers ?”
He said “Badal has no right to call himself ‘Panth Ratan’ or ‘Kisana Da Rakha’ if he cannot get PM Modi to give this Ordinance.  Harsimrat Badal must resign if she can’t bring this in the Cabinet”
Attacking Capt Amarinder Singh he said “Capt says I will do this in 2017, I will do that 2017, wait till 2017 .. Punjab is on a ventilator today. Will Capt. support this demand for an ordinance or will he again betray Punjab like on CBI probe for drugs? He is a MP, Deputy Leader of the Opposition – will he at-least go to Parliament and raise the issue?”
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