Haryana CM Announced 1000 Days Achievements of State Govt.


Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal, while keeping in mind the interests of the farmers, announced that the state government is going to set up a Vegetable Price Stability Fund for a minimum price of vegetable. He said that at times the cost of any single product is very low, then the farmer has to bear the loss. This fund will be built to compensate the loss so that a fixed price can be received by the farmer.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and others interacting with the journalists in a press conference held in connection with the stat Govt. 1000 days achievements in Chandigarh on Friday.

Chief Minister was interacting with the journalists in a press conference held in connection with the government’s achievements on the occasion of 1000 days of the present state government in Chandigarh.

He said that this fund will help in controlling the high volatility of the prices of potatoes and tomatoes etc., in the vegetables such as the early deteriorating items. He said that the state government is moving forward on how to double the income of the farmers. He said that it is also moving forward towards good governance to produce a market for farmers’ products. He said that efforts are being made to increase the income of the farmers through the activities related to the cultivation such as dairy industry, bee keeping, fishery etc.

He said that the government is making efforts to promote Periyarban farming as it is with Haryana that the NCR has a large market of 40 million consumers, in which more and more goods of Haryana farmers can be sent. There are cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad etc. in the NCR region.

Chief Minister said that the present government has run 14 irrigation projects, including micro irrigation. He said that some areas of the state have been included in the Dark John and if the farmers of the area adopt microfinance irrigation, then they can be negotiated to give connection to tubewell.

He said that for the purpose of getting water to South Haryana, the government has planned Rs. 145 crores and now the water has reached the tail of the areas, where water has not reached before. Referring to an area of ​​Loharu, the Chief Minister said that the first time the Tail has reached the water during this government’s tenure. He said that the government is working to cure distribution of irrigation system. He said that the government has made efforts to bring water to the areas where water has not reached in accordance with its promise and water will be supplied to these areas at least during the rainy days.

Chief Minister said that during the previous Congress government, compensation of Rs.350 crores was made, which was given by the present government. Apart from this, the Swaminathan report which came in the year 2006, whose chairman was the then Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, was unable to apply. He said that there are 28 to 30 points of this report, which the present government is moving towards one-by-one stage in a phased manner as per the requirement. He cited the report and said that farmers should get compensation of Rs. 10,000 per acre, but our government has given compensation of Rs. 12,000 per acre. Similarly, according to the report mandis should be online, the government is also growing on this and the government has made 54 mandis out of the total 108 mandi of the state. He said that according to the report work is being done to give the crop loan to zero percent.

Haryana CM said that the present government has given compensation of the outstanding Rs 350 crore of the previous Congress government, and so far the compensation of Rs.2500 crore has been given to the farmers. He attacked the previous Congress government and said that the Congress did not arrange for the fertilizer purchased for the next six months and when our government came, there was a shortage of manure, because fertilization was to be done six months ago. Therefore, people had to take it in fertilizer lines in their time, but now we have removed the way and there is no shortage of manure and neem coated urea There is a repository and next six months are arranged. Chief Minister also released a book on the achievements of 1000 days of achievements of the present government.