Horrible attack on innocent children is not the right way to access of heaven – condemned Anuja Kapur

Mrs Anuja KapurNewZNew (Chandigarh – Kulbir Singh Kalsi) : Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar on Tuesday, killing 132 people, officials said, is the worst attack to hit the country in years. The majority of the victims are innocent children who came to attend the school as per their schedule but the cruel and ill mentallity of the coward terrorists. This is one of the most horrendous attack which shook the world and left people in tears.
The horrific attack, carried out by a relatively small number of militants from the Tehreek-e-Taliban group, a Pakistani militant group. Pakistani P.M Nawaj Sharif rushed to the spot and condemned the assault. This horrifying attack on innocent people is getting criticism from all around the world. Famous criminal psychologist, Mrs. Anuja Kapur said about the attack that, “I am shocked, angry, devastated, humiliated and sad. Just could not understand the purpose of inhumanity towards the young and innocent children who does not realise the politics, terrorism, jihad. What have Taliban achieved with Peshawar massacre? They might feel powerful after this incident but the cries and grief of many mothers will not let them die in peace. It is shameful and disgraceful act towards humanity which can never be forgotten and forgiven. This is not the right way to access of heaven. May God give courage to the parents and peace to the souls of the children”.
The attack began in the morning hours, with about half a dozen gunmen entering the school – and shooting at random. Army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and started exchanging fire with the gunmen.
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