How Australia Permanent Residency benefits Visa Applicants?


How Australia Permanent Residency benefits Visa Applicants?:Can Australia Permanent Residency help? Who does it benefit?

How Australia Permanent Residency benefits Visa Applicants?

It is important to understand its relevance with PR granted to several individuals. They either belong to Family Stream or Work Stream.

On one hand, the family stream includes parents, partners, children and other members. For the visa grant, every individual must have a relative/spouse who is residing in the country. This will help them to seek sponsorship. In fact, their relatives/spouses are already Permanent Residents/citizens of the country.

For the visa grant, the individual must meet the following criteria. This includes age, health and character details and relationship proofs.

The same applies to the Work Stream. It consists of several visas that benefit every skilled professional. Family members or relatives who sponsor these professionals are Permanent Residents or citizens.


* Skilled Nominated Visa—subclass 190

* Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa—subclass 491


The modalities of this stream enable skilled professionals to pursue dreams come true. A lot depends on migration options. Permanent Residency to Australia acts as a gateway to these individuals in future. It helps them to become citizens of the country. On the completion of three years, an individual with a PR visa can avail citizenship benefits. 

Unlike other nations, Australia is a hospitable country for every professional. Sole mantra is to live, work and settle on a permanent basis. The question that arises in the minds of individuals is a lot to do with skilled visas. Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa—subclass 491 is among the visas introduced recently. It replaced Skilled Regional Provisional Visa—subclass 489.

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In a way, skilled visas are the best bet for a majority of professionals belonging to all walks of life. Are you a manager, IT specialist, engineer or scientist? Or, a nurse, executive and a professional belonging to different trades. Seek high points as a skilled professional. Seek a sponsor by a family member or nomination from the state or territorial government.


* SOL List of Australia

The question arising in an individual’s mind—Can a specific occupation be part of the SOL list of Australia? As a Skilled Occupation List, an individual needs crucial points for invitation purposes.

Gone are the days when immigration rules were flexible. Seeking points was at a dismal low due to lenient policies and flexible rules in place. Challenging times are foreseen now. The rise in points led to competition with invitations granted to few individuals. Rather than 190,000 individuals, Australia will grant invitations to 160,000 individuals in the coming years. The 160k includes skilled professionals and individuals belonging to family stream. Expanding Regional Areas is one of the prominent reasons in 2019.

* Occupation Points

Australian government raised occupation points that are at an all-time high. There is more emphasis in promoting regional areas. Perth and Adelaide have become regional areas recently. Earlier, skilled professionals worked in metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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* Invitations

Seeking invitations is one part of the story. Ensure the right occupation is part of the relevant category. Higher the points higher are the chances for professionals awarded invitations. It depends on the type of occupation and whether it is part of the SOL List. Furthermore, the list includes—

* Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

* Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

* Regional Occupation List (ROL)

For instance, accountants need to secure 90 points and 85 for engineers. Whereas, 80 points for IT professionals. Claim these points and get them verified from the relevant occupation authority. An individual has to meet the skill assessment criteria. Thereafter, he is able to receive an invitation from the state/territory government.

* Skilled Visas

Three important visas enable skilled professionals granted with the visas. These include–

* Skilled Independent Visa—Subclass 189

* Skilled Nominated Visa—subclass 190

* Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa—subclass 491

Each of these visas allow an individual to live, work and stay in the country. In fact, they can seek Australia Permanent Residency benefits. Age, education background, work experience and English proficiency test requirements are part of the skill assessment.

Besides, the processing time of these visas is 3 to 4 months. Every applicant has to follow the immigration system i.e. point-based. All it takes is submitting an application online. This includes age, education, skills and experience details. The applicant has to meet the eligibility criteria.

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On the one hand, subclass 491 is a new visa. Whereas on the other it is a question of partner points. If an applicant’s partner is proficient in the English language, she can claim 10 points. The same points can be sought by a skilled applicant. Besides, he can seek nomination from a designated area. He will receive 15 points.

Such was not the case earlier. Few points as low as 65 resulted in invitations granted. But with high occupation points, competition has risen steadily. State nomination is an excellent method by which an applicant can claim crucial immigration points. Regional Areas such as Perth, Adelaide can encourage you to seek points. 


In a nutshell, there is more emphasis on seeking employment in Australia. Those extra points help you to seek a PR visa. Is the applicant struggling to achieve those crucial occupation points? One of the ways by which he can migrate to Australia is by applying for Regional Areas of the country.

An applicant can seek an invitation from the state or territory government. It all depends on the eligibility criteria and occupation points? At the end of the day, it is the highest points he needs to collect to seek Permanent Residency. On the basis of immigration reforms and visa policies, it is our immigration consultants who ensure that every detail is solved in the nick of time.


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