ICC teams up with Twitter to launch brand new fan experiences for the ICC World T20


Highlights include brand new Twitter emojis, #WorldT20Heroes, #AskCaptain and more

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : After a pathbreaking partnership for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2015, ICC & Twitter are all set to introduce a range of new interactive experiences for the ICC World T20 in India.

ICC T20 Logo

Here’s what cricket fans globally can look forward to at the ICC World T20 over the next few weeks.

Twitter Trump Cards (#WorldT20Heroes)

ICC has innovated with Twitter for cricket fans to get a Trump Card about their favourite players at the ICC World Twenty20 by simply Tweeting to @ICCLive with #WT20Heroes.

Fans will then receive a digital Trump Card of a player with his statistics and can collect Trump Cards of all players from across the 16 teams playing in the ICC World T20!

This #OnlyOnTwitter experience will be live for fans from the 13th-19th of March and from 29th March-4th April.

Twitter Logo#AskCaptain

In addition to showcasing relevant Tweets during the game, ICC is giving cricket fans around the world a chance to make dreams come true in each of the 35 men’s ICC World T20 matches and the 13 televised Women’s World Twenty20 matches.

By Tweeting to @ICC with the hashtag #AskCaptain, Twitter users across the world can participate in the live post-match interviews where one Tweet containing a question will be picked up by the commentators and asked to the winning captain live on global TV.

Twitter emojis

To enable cricket fans globally to add more colour to their Tweets, ICC and Twitter have combined to bring to life new Twitter emojis for the first time at a global cricket event.

When fans Tweet with #WT20 or #AskCaptain or #WT20Heroes, they will see an emoji appear next to the hashtag. Here is a preview of what these emojis will look like:

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In addition to these three Twitter emojis, hashflags which were popular during the ICC Cricket World are back!

Cricket fans can cheer for their nation by Tweeting with any of the 16 hashflag codes and having the flag appear next to them:

The 16 hashflag codes are: #AFG, #AUS, #BAN, #ENG, #HK, #IND, #IRE, #NET, #NZ, #OMA, #PAK, #SCO, #SA, #SL, #WI,  #ZIM

Here’s a preview of that they will look like.

Twitter Player of the Match

Following on from the success of the Player of the Match at previous ICC events, for the first time at a world cricket event, ICC will be using the Twitter Challenger App to Tweet a video with the Man of the Match with his trophy so that fans can instantly connect to the player post-match.

The player will be able to autograph the video and leave a special message for fans after his performance.

Nissan Play of the Day and Viral content on Twitter Video

In addition to this, @ICC will Tweet viral video content during the event and Tweet a Play Of The Day videos on Twitter to help fans watch and decide their daily vote for the Nissan Play of the Day.

Behind-the-scenes Vine videos

ICC will be using Vine to take fans behind-the-scenes of the World T20 with looping six second videos, from the dressing rooms to the fans in the stadium, from the fans arriving for the matches to the batsmen walking into and out of the ground. There’s plenty to catch up on as the ICC World T20 unfolds.

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Periscopes from the commentary box

@ICC will be using Periscope to live broadcast some of the behind-the-scenes activity as the commentators get ready to go on air so that fans can get even closer to the action at the ICC World T20.

Aarti Singh Dabas, ICC Head of Media Rights, Broadcast & Digital, said, “We wanted to make this edition of the ICC World T20 extra special for our fans on digital platforms. With these custom experiences, we are delighted that our partnership with Twitter will ensure that they not only enjoy the cricket but can also partake in all the fun with the live, public conversation around the event.”

Aneesh Madani, Head of Sports Partnerships, Twitter India, said, “Twitter brings you closer to your interests and this partnership is a landmark milestone for Twitter and sports. We are proud to work with the ICC for creating rich Twitter content experiences for cricket fans across the world that they can follow and participate in. We hope to use this opportunity to connect every cricket fan with their passion in a much deeper and more meaningful way.”

Stay in touch: Follow@ICC, search with hashtag #WT20  or subscribe to this list of Twitter accounts related to the ICC World T20

Official match hashtags: #ICC World T20 2016

Men’s Event

Group Stages

  1. MATCH 1: Zimbabwe v Hong Kong  #HKvZIM
  2. MATCH 2: Scotland v Afghanistan #AFGvSCO
  3. MATCH 3: Bangladesh v Netherlands #BANvNET
  4. MATCH 4: Ireland v Oman #IREvOMA
  5. MATCH 5: Scotland v Zimbabwe #SCOvZIM
  6. MATCH 6: Hong Kong v Afghanistan #AFGvHK
  7. MATCH 7: Netherlands v Oman #NETvOMA
  8. MATCH 8: Bangladesh v Ireland #BANvIRE
  9. MATCH 9: Zimbabwe v Afghanistan #AFGvZIM
  10. MATCH 10: Scotland v Hong Kong #HKvSCO
  11. MATCH 11: Netherlands v Ireland #IREvNET
  12. MATCH 12: Bangladesh v Oman #BANvOMA
  13. MATCH 13: New Zealand v India #INDvNZ
  14. MATCH 14: West Indies v England #ENGvWI
  15. MATCH 15: Pakistan v TBD
  16. MATCH 16: Sri Lanka v TBD
  17. MATCH 17: Australia v New Zealand #AUSvNZ
  18. MATCH 18: South Africa v England #ENGvSA
  19. MATCH 19: India v Pakistan #INDvPAK
  20. MATCH 20: South Africa v TBD
  21. MATCH 21: Sri Lanka v West Indies #SLvWI
  22. MATCH 22: Australia v TBD
  23. MATCH 23: New Zealand v Pakistan #NZvPAK
  24. MATCH 24: England v TBD
  25. MATCH 25: India v TBD
  26. MATCH 26: Pakistan v Australia #AUSvPAK
  27. MATCH 27: South Africa v West Indies #SAvWI
  28. MATCH 28: TBD v New Zealand
  29. MATCH 29: Sri Lanka v England #ENGvSL
  30. MATCH 30: TBD v West Indies
  31. MATCH 31: India v Australia #INDvAUS
  32. MATCH 32: South Africa v Sri Lanka #SAvSL
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Women’s Event

Group Stages

  1. MATCH 1: India v Bangladesh #IndWvBanW
  2. MATCH 2: New Zealand v Sri Lanka #NZWvSLW
  3. MATCH 3: West Indies v Pakistan #PakWvWIW
  4. MATCH 4: England v Bangladesh #BanWvEngW
  5. MATCH 5: New Zealand v Ireland #IreWvNZW
  6. MATCH 6: Australia v South Africa #AusWvSAW
  7. MATCH 7: India v Pakistan #IndWvPakW
  8. MATCH 8: West Indies v Bangladesh #BanWvWIW
  9. MATCH 9: Sri Lanka v Ireland #IreWvSLW
  10. MATCH 10: Australia v New Zealand #AusWvNZW
  11. MATCH 11: England v India #IndWvEngW
  12. MATCH 12: South Africa v Ireland #IreWvSAW
  13. MATCH 13: Australia v Sri Lanka #AusWvSLW
  14. MATCH 14: England v West Indies #EngWvWIW
  15. MATCH 15: Pakistan v Bangladesh #BanWvPakW
  16. MATCH 16: Australia v Ireland #AusWvIreW
  17. MATCH 17: South Africa v New Zealand #NZWvSAW
  18. MATCH 18: West Indies v India #IndWvWIW
  19. MATCH 19: England v Pakistan #EngWvPakW
  20. MATCH 20: South Africa v Sri Lanka #SAWvSLW


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