Iconic Rotary Dinner in the Dark at Taj Chandigarh


Iconic Rotary Dinner in the Dark at Taj Chandigarh: Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik, RCS Positive Abilities Rotaract Club, and Taj Chandigarh come together to host the iconic “Dinner in the Dark’ sensory dining experience at Taj Chandigarh on the 15th of October 2019 from 1935 hrs onwards.

Iconic Rotary Dinner in the Dark at Taj Chandigarh

A unique sensory dining experience, the event is a sit down ‘thank you dinner’ hosted by a visually challenged team for those who donated towards scholarships for talented, visually challenged students.

The funds collected for the event are then distributed after a jury selects from the list of visually impaired applicants. The Principal of the blind schools heads the jury and income and need are taken into consideration when making the selection. Half the amount is given via check to the chosen candidates, while the other half is handed over after viewing the first semester results. The grant is purely for the visually impaired to pursue higher education.

Dinner in the dark is a culinary involvement that starts with a short talk and video regarding the event and its purpose. Diners then proceed to a pitch-dark room where they are served a three-course meal along with beverages by a team of visually impaired servers.

The activity is enlightening in more ways than one. Guests understand the critical importance of sight and how its absence, even for a few hours, can be highly restrictive. While the servers do a smooth job, the diners often find themselves fumbling.

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Iconic Rotary Dinner in the Dark at Taj Chandigarh

The guests are encouraged to make the most of the dark and try their hand at fun activities like singing, unabashed of their voice quality. The wrap up of the event brings diners back into the light with conversations regarding the dinner taking center stage.

The event gained popularity over the years, so much so that the limited seats get taken up very fast.

While there is no denying that the cause is noble, Dinner in the Dark brings a fun element with it.

Those looking to donate for the cause and participate in the dining experience may call 9815047017.


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