Indian Idol Junior just got Double



NewZNew (Mumbai) : It’s the season of doubles…double talent, double fun, double enthusiasm and double cuteness. I am sure you are thinking as to how could Indian Idol Junior get any bigger, especially with Chulbali Sonakshi Sinha already being there. But it’s true!! You don’t believe me. Then check it out for yourself.

Have you seen or heard of identical twins participating on a reality singing show, Have you seen not one, not two but lots of twins participating in a reality show confusing the judges.

Maybe Not. Because for the first time on Indian television and on a reality show, there were three pairs of identical  twins who participated in the audition round and left the judges mesmerized and perplexed. Mesmerized with their beautiful voice and perplexed because the judges couldn’t decide which twin was better than the other.

So what did the judges do? Simple. They treated each pair of twin as one participant with each pair singing the same song together.

Going by the looks of the promos, You have to see these twins sing. They look so cute and adorable together. And when they sing together, it seems as if the entire surrounding is reverberating with their melodious voice. All these twins are an inspiration as generally in twins it’s difficult to find both of them talented, and especially having the same talent. It sure is commendable for both the twins as well as their parents for supporting them all the way. Such miracles and talent can only be seen on Indian Idol”.

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Its sure is the season of double dhamal and talent.

To watch the twins spread their magic and cuteness, don’t miss to watch Indian Idol Junior On Sony Entertainment TV 


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