Indo Global Colleges students developed Room Automation


Indo Global Colleges students developed Room Automation using PIR Sensor for Savings Energy

Students of Indo Global Colleges to save energy developed   Room Automation using PIR Sensor. The objective of this project is to save wasteful electricity energy The fans and tube lights are generally remained switched on even when there is no occupant in the class room. This trend is prevailing in this college also. The PIR sensor can switch off fans and tube lights on sensing no occupants inside the classroom. It can also switch on the required number of fans and tube lights as soon as student enters in the class. There are approx. 11 fans in total 36 classrooms in Engineering department. Total 04 rooms have been covered under this project.

Indo Global Colleges students developed Room Automation

Manav Singla CEO of the Indo Global group said at the moment that PIR sensors detect movements in an area based on the infrared heat signatures emitted by warm bodies. Depending on the infrared reading, appliances are switched on or off.

Sukhdev Singla Chairman, Indo Global Group Said that  the Use of PIR motion sensors in office or home  can not only  cut down  electricity bill by up to 30 per cent, depending on factors like the area covered, the frequency of electricity usage in the covered area, load devices that the sensor is connected to and so on.