Indo Global students visited PEDA


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : B.Tech Mechanical & Civil engineering students visited Punjab Energy Development Agency Sec 33, Chandigarh which is five star energy efficient green building . It is India’s largest solar photovoltaic power plant. Students visited solar plants to get information about its various features like Net Metering accurately captures energy generated and consumed excess electricity generated  remains electric grid and can be  retrieved later. Students were informed that this project lead to abatement of 4 lac tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the next 25 years and  is equivalent to planting 2 lac trees.

Indo Global students visited PEDA to understand five star energy efficient green building 1 copy (Small)

While speaking at the moment Chairman Sukhdev Singla said that such plants should be encouraged in India due to high demand of electricity because projects would reduce pressure on the local electricity grid and would reduce peak power demands. Besides this, according to him it has environmental benefits also It Reduces carbon emissions so there would be no pollution there would be healthy environment which would help even reducing Global Warming and help in saving save  fossils fuels like coal, wood and other petroleum products. He further added that this project is a kind of catalyst for large buildings to make ecofriendly replication on other large buildings on rooftops.

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