Interesting Facts About American-Curl Cat Breed


Interesting Facts About American-Curl Cat Breed: When it comes to having a pet of your own, there is no doubt that cats make one of the most amazing pets.

Interesting Facts About American-Curl Cat Breed

Many might say dogs to be the perfect pets but when you are looking for something sweet, small, and irresistibly cute, what can be a better option than a cat?

If you are looking forward to knowing more about the cats check this out: While the debate is never-ending over cat vs dog on being the best pets, but the fact is some people prefer cats over dogs.

Cats are more reliable and self-sufficient compared to any other species. They know how to take good care of themselves and you don’t have to always be beside them.

While they love spending quality time with their master, they don’t need to have your back every time of the day. Some people prefer them more because they don’t interrupt in their personal space and love to stay at their usual bed spot. That way, owners have more room themselves.

Other things which people love about them is that they are less expensive and have fewer maintenance issues; whether it’s financially or physically. They are much cleaner and don’t litter anywhere. Also, you don’t have to take them out regularly because they love being inside. They can manage to go on for littering on their own, inside the littering box inside your house.

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Interesting Facts About American-Curl Cat Breed

Now when we know how lovely these beautiful sweet little things can be, you can also see that there are various choices to choose from. There are various breeds you can look into and select as per your choice but one of the most famous cat breed choices is the American Curls. These little balls of fur can be your best companions and people love them.

The most amazing fact about American Curl is that these little things look like they are never aging. That is why people call them the peter pan of cats and they are adorable. They can weigh anywhere from 8 to 12 lbs. when it comes to males and less than 8 lbs. for females. They have an amazing life span from 9 to 13 years, and they have approximately 10 shades of eye color. Ranging from hazel to amber and green, they have got it all.

They come in various kinds of colors too, which can be approximately 12 in total. They don’t need social attention much and do not shed that much. They have a medium but silky and smooth coat, and you won’t be bothered with their hair all over your couch. The pattern of the coat also comes in various varieties from bicolor to points, smoky or solid.

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It is said that if these cats are given enough space, they tend to manage their bodyweight very efficiently. This cat has a long body type compared to other breeds yet muscular and maintained. It is not a fragile one. The most interesting thing about her is that their ears curl backward, and this is also the thing that can make you recognize this specific breed easily. Since they have long and flexible ears, they won’t complain when you play with it a little.

These cats are very much in life and gets along with people well. They enjoy human company a lot and get along with their family well too. These cats enjoy maintaining them through exercise as that is what is required by their bodies and love climbing and jumping. They like sitting alongside people and that is why you will love them.

These cats are amazing around the kids as well as the puppies and dogs. Even when they tend to get older, they can still be as lively and young as they were when you brought them. They like to be active around people but don’t seem to bother anyone at all. If you wish to know more about them, then see this. If you are looking forward to having a kitten that will always look the same as you brought and never grow up? American Curls are it for you.

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People seek out having pets so that they never feel lonely or always have a companion by their side and truly they are a bliss to have. You cannot have a more beautiful companion than cats, so check them out.


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