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Top Rated Remote Learning Tools for Tutors

Top Rated Remote Learning Tools for Tutors: Learning has shifted dramatically into the digital space in the advent of the global health pandemic that has necessitated the need for social distancing. However, digital learning existed before, though the uptake never proved wholesale like the situation today.

Top Rated Remote Learning Tools for Tutors

Because of the importance of digital education, it becomes necessary to understand the key tools and services that facilitate remote learning and for helping students in writing some essays or making their lives easier.

Cheap research paper writing services, this service can provide high-quality content for students and no matter how hard this work is, the service will help in any situation. In addition, this service uses leading methods of providing students and also uses digital learning tools with the necessary materials for distance learning.

Digital learning tools entail software products, which instructors use to teach in a digital class. It includes digital text, video, or audio and facilitates learning anywhere and at any time of the day, provided you have access to the internet. So what constitutes the best remote learning tools you can ever find?

The Best Remote Learning Tools Teachers Can Use

Most teachers will prefer one digital learning tool and paper writing services to the next based on their preferred method of teaching. However, the following tools prove the most efficient for teachers in as much as they can contain subtle differences.

  • Google classroom. It constitutes a robust tool that also comes for free. Google classroom has diverse and versatile features that K-12 teachers can use. It operates on the same tech as Google’s paperless office for businesses and consumers. You can use integrated tools such as Google Slides, Gmail, Google Docs, etc., to share files with students in a simple manner. You can also invite students to your private class through a code, and students can easily attach assignments for submission. Form here, you can grade, assess, and readily offer feedback.
  • Pear Deck. The tool becomes very effective for educators needing an extra interactive session with their students. You can host slide presentations besides assessing a diverse number of slides. Students can directly draw on the slides, write their notes, incorporate numbers and symbols, and answer multiple-choice questions.
  • It proves the best choice open-source K-12 option for teachers. The tool has different features for learning and offers grading and assignment tools for colleges.
  • The platform provides MOOCs to learners in colleges and high schools besides awarding certificates and degrees in specific instances. It can allow students to stream diverse on-demand lectures for diverse, complex subjects.
  • It comes as an education management platform that proves useful for higher education communities. It provides top K-12 learning as well, besides coming as an open-source choice. The platform has diverse built-in tools, which can handle your needs as a tutor.
  • The platform allows instructors to create video lessons from diverse sources, complete with comprehension questions and commentaries for personalization purposes. It also contains assessment integrity and accountability because you can see the views and identity of students viewing.
  • Khan Academy. It comes as a free and popular learning destination for most educators and parents. As an instructor, you can access world-class instructional videos and courses for all grades and subjects. You can also get quality SAT and PSAT prep that aligns ivy-league universities and colleges.
  • The platform combines diverse tasks instructors deal with every day and comes very mobile-friendly. You can send messages, track grades, share assignments, and develop quizzes for students.


Many digital learning tools exist; however, the mentioned tools effectively facilitate distance learning, regardless of your physical location.  

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CP Singh
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