Kristin Cavallari to launch beauty line


Kristin Cavallari to launch beauty line: Actress Kristin Cavallari will soon start her own line of beauty products called Uncommon Beauty.

Kristin Cavallari to launch beauty line

“I live a very clean lifestyle. Everything I’m putting in my body is clean. I want to make sure everything I’m putting on my body is just as clean.

So we decided, let’s do a line that really is clean, to our standards, that’s still really effective,” she told People, according to

The line will just have five products, so that the customers are not confused.

“We wanted to strip it down, so instead of having 20 different products, we wanted to give you five that really check every box and get the job done, so that it’s not overwhelming and it’s not stressful.

We live in a modern time. We’re modern women. We don’t want to be spending 30 minutes every morning getting ready. I like things quick and easy,” said Kristin.

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