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Ladies vs Gentleman Season 2 Quiz Answers 16th October 2021 Start Date & Details!

Ladies vs Gentleman Season 2 Quiz Answers 16th October 2021 Start Date & Details!: In the era of the Internet, where there is the will to watch movies, reality shows or serials, there is the OTT (over-the-top) platform. To access the OTT platform is very easy in the era of smartphones and easy access to the internet. OTT has almost replaced Television.

Ladies vs Gentleman Season 2 Quiz Answers 16th October 2021 Start Date & Details

Everyone has separate smartphones and everyone watches willing shows on their own smartphones. India has the largest population of youngsters. In a country like India, youngsters prefer to watch reality shows and quiz shows. Different shows bring different themes as per their names. Nowadays, Ladies vs Gentleman is a  show which is popular for its unique questions and unique name.

Ladies vs Gentleman is a reality show like Big Boss or Nuch Baliye, but it is a unique quiz show. In this show, hosts ask questions and the correct answer is considered to be opted by the highest number of audiences.


Ladies vs Gentlemen is an Indian poll based show, broadcast on Flipkart Video. Ladies vs Gentlemen, an original series of Flipkart is hosted by Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh (famous bollywood couple). First ies areseason Ladies vs Gentlemen was released on the Flipkart app on 18 November 2020. In the show, celebrity guests are invited for a poll based quiz show.

Celebrities are asked some most discussed questions concerning men and women. In the game hosts ask a question; thereafter, celebrities have to answer the question. Later, hosts reveal the answer of the Indian audience in percentile and compare the original answer of the guests. In the end hosts present a scoreboard, revealing the name of the winner whose answers are close to the answers of the Indian audience.

The best of this show is the argument of the celebs where male and female celebs have arguments over the topics of men and women. Many times, the argument of well-liked stars turns into a debate over the subjects of men and women.

The new season of Ladies vs Gentleman is scheduled 16 October 2021 onwards on Flipkart app. The show is set to bring new celebrity faces to the show, but not the former hosts. Riteish Deshmukh and his spouse Genelia Deshmukh have entertained the OTT audience a lot with their chemistry, hence, the makers have decided not change the hosts in the upcoming season on Ladies vs Gentleman. For the upcoming season, the audience is definitely excited.

To watch the new episodes of  Ladies vs Gentleman show anyone can easily visit the Flipkart Videos, provided you have taken the subscription to it.

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