Marketing Tips For Businesses Who Want To Give Back


Marketing Tips For Businesses Who Want To Give Back: A successful marketing plan is a wonderful thing, but even better than that is a marketing plan that not only benefits your company but benefits your customers too.

Marketing Tips For Businesses Who Want To Give BackIt used to be that squeezing every penny out of a customer was the marketer’s job, but now, with competition at an all-time high, fostering customer loyalty is the most important goal.

Thankfully, creating loyalty and treating customers well go hand in hand, plus they can be combined with marketing strategies to produce results that benefit everybody. If you’d like to give a little something back to your customers then pay close attention to these marketing tips.

Begin a Bonus Scheme

Working out a bonus scheme can be a great way to not only treat your old customers but to also find new ones too. There are plenty of businesses that use sign-up bonuses to attract new customers, but for this example, we’ll focus on the gaming industry. This industry is incredibly competitive and to stand out, one of the more common methods is to offer a bonus.

So popular is this method that sites like Asiabet regularly compile and update lists of the best casino bonuses on offer at the moment. This saves customers the time of searching for their own and instead means they can focus on the attributes of each of the sites, choosing the site that fits their needs the best.

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Your business might not be able to work in exactly this way, but everyone should be able to find a bonus scheme that works for them. Having a VIP club, or a loyalty card can be a great way to give a little something back to your loyal customers.

Plus, being part of a VIP club will encourage customers to always shop with you as opposed to your competitors. This kind of marketing needs to strike a gentle balance between what is affordable and what will generate the best results.

Support a Charity

Aligning yourself with a charity is one of the noblest things you can do as a business owner. You’ll be supporting a cause that needs help desperately and you’ll be doing it with the proceeds from your customers. Knowing that their money is, in part, going to a good cause means that they get that heart-warming feeling, just as much as you do.

It’s important to remember that selecting a charity is not a task to take lightly. Charities can come under heavy scrutiny, so you need to choose one that aligns closely with the views and morals of your business. It doesn’t hurt to also pick a charity that has some relationship to the business that you’re running.

If you run a restaurant, then choosing to donate to a food bank would be a fitting idea, whilst someone who runs a launderette might instead choose a charity that clothed refugees. Working locally can be very rewarding too, so this might be something to consider if you’ve got a prominent high street presence.

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Give a Gift

Marketing Tips For Businesses Who Want To Give BackGiving out free gifts used to be seen as a bit tacky, but there are ways of doing it that are perfect advertising for the luxury market. Free gift wrapping is a brilliant way to add a classy finishing touch to any items that are bought as gifts, whether online or in store. If budget is an issue then simple brown paper, string and a little foliage is a beautiful, natural look that is incredibly budget friendly.

Of course, you don’t have to go down the gift wrapping route, there is always the more traditional free gift. If you sell any items of a lower value then these make the perfect presents to give to loyal customers.

Those working in service-based industries can gift things like free consultations, a free hour of your time, or free taster sessions to their customers. It costs you a little in time, but it could generate new custom that you might not otherwise have had, which it is hard to put a price on.