Mobile Medical Units bring health to doorstep in rural areas


NewZNew (Bathinda) : The two Mobile Medical Units (MMU) of health department run in Bhagta and Goniana blocks under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) are providing health services to the rural population on doorstep.

 Giving this information here today, the Deputy Commissioner Dr Basant Garg said that the MMUs serve the areas that otherwise do not have easy access to quality medical services. These two mobile medical units impart health services daily except on gazetted holidays. Each unit comprises of twp specialist doctors (male and female), a radiographer, a laboratory technician and a staff nurse. The unit visits different villages as per the schedule issued at the beginning of every month, examines the people and provides them laboratory tests, x-ray and ECG facilities free of cost to them.

Deputy director-cum-civil surgeon, Dr Tejwant Singh Randhawa added that the doctors in this unit daily examine people from various villages from 9 am till 3 pm except on Sundays and Gazetted holidays. “Everyday 50 to 60 patients are examined that include new as well as follow up patients. It is immensely beneficial for the villagers. Besides examining people, they also create awareness on various health issues and provide free medicines,” he said. Dr Randhawa added that the announcements regarding arrival of the MMU are made through gurudwaras wherein the concerned senior medical officer (SMO) or ANM gets these announcements done.

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Giving details about the schedule of MMU 1 in the Bhagta block he said that the MMU 1 will visit Kangar on Jan 3, Jan 20 and Jan 31, Burj Mansahia in Jan 5, in Kesar Singh Wala on Jan 6, in Lal Singh Basti on Jan 7, in Gumti on Jan 8, in Selbrah on Jan 9, in Dhipali on Jan 10, in Siriya Wala on Jan 12, in Gurusar on Jan 13, in Lal Singh Basti on Jan 14, in Burj Gill on Jan 15 and Jan 23, in Aklia on Jan 16, in Ramuwala on Jan 17 and Jan 29, in Ali Ke on Jan 19 and Jan 30, in Lal Singh Basti on Jan 21, in Gurusar on Jan 22, in Aklia on Jan 27 and in Lal Singh Basti on Jan 28.  Besides this the MMU 1 will hold special camps at Lal Singh Basti Bathinda on Jan 7, Jan 14, Jan 21 and Jan 28.

Similarly, in Goniana block on Jan 3, Jan 17 and Jan 27 the unit will visit village Kothe Natha Singh, on Jan 5 and Jan 20 the MMU will visit Barkandi, on Jan 6 and Jan 22 van would visit Mehma Bhagwana, on Jan 7 and on Jan 23 will visit Kothe Kaur Singh, on Jan 8 would visit Beant Nagar Bathinda, on Jan 9 would visit Kothe Nathiana, on Jan 10 will visit Kothe Inder Singh, on Jan 11 and on Jan 28 will visit Kothe Sandhwa, on Jan 13 will visit Chouke, on Jan 14 will visit Beant Nagar, on Jan 15 and on Jan 30 will visit Karamgarh, on Jan 16 and on Jan 31 will visit Bhagu, on Jan 18 will visit Kothe Chet Singh. Besides this the MMU 2 would also conduct special camps at Beant Nagar Bathinda on Jan 8, Jan 15, Jan 22 and Jan 29.

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