Nukkad Natak organised on World Population Day


Maharishi Dayanand Public School, Daria, Chandigarh, organized a Nukkad Natak  on the occasion of World Population Day in collaboration with the Environment Department, Chandigarh. The children showed through the Nukkad Natak that if the World’s population continues to grow, this growing population can create an imbalance for the environment. Students said that a small family is essential for a clean environment.

They said  that glaciers are melting due to the continuous human population on earth. This will threaten the existence of humans in danger. The children told that everyone is adversely affected due to continuous cutting of trees. The children said that if the population is low then the environment will remain clean . Students also stressed more planting of trees for cleaner and safe environment .

On this occasion, the school principal Dr. Vinod Kumar said that the masses  are  affected by the population. Being selfish due to population growth, man is cutting trees at a fast pace . Due to this ignorance, he is endangering his life and others. Control of fast growing population is necessary. 

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