Oakridge International School celebrated Baisakhi with fervour


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Oakridge International School celebrated Baisakhi with fervour and  took the celebrations to a new level by including all the aspects of the Baisakhi. The students explored all the avenues that surround Baisakhi. The celebration began with a story about the Beloved five of Guru Gobind Singh & the inception of Khalsa Panth. After that, the students presented a musical of the Baisakhi mela. They expressed the importance of this festival as a harvest time; they sang  songs related Baisakhi mela, showcased the incident & massacre  of Jallianwala bagh .Students later gave speeches about the Khalsa panth also.  The finale of the show saw students dancing on the Bhangra beats and giddha tunes.

The festivity was taken a step further when the children were given an opportunity to explore more about Baisakhi. They undertook a project From the Farmland to the Table where they explored the journey of their favourite food item and find out how they reach the table to eat. Principal, Oakridge International School Ramnjit Ghuman while appreciating the efforts of teachers and students said that Baisakhi is a celebration of old glories and new beginnings. It’s a time to reap the benefits of the hard work of the year and to celebrate the golden crops.

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