Oakridge International School celebrated sports day with great zeal


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) :  Oakridge International School organised Annual Sports day at its campus. The environment of the school wore a festive look as students captivated the audience with their endearing and enthusiastic performance in a spectacular sports day show.  The little tiny tots, full of energy were in the best in displaying their skills i.e. athletics, long jump, shot put Butterfly drill, watering the plants and Animal races greatly impressed the audience.

The students enjoyed various events ranging from zig zag race, bean bag, frog race etc. that allowed the children to showcase their talent on the sports field. The students participated in various races and field events like 100 metre, 200 meter sprint race, relays.

While encouraging the students the Executive Principal Adi lakshmi said that Sports has provided a unique opportunity for young people from all over the country to come together & compete with each other to attain higher and higher levels of sporting excellence. Playing the game and playing well is what sport is all about.

While encouraging the winners Principal Adi lakshmi said that we need to build a sports culture so that students can get opportunities to excel in international events.