Obey Traffic rules & be the “Honhaar Singh” of Amritsar


Big drive to generate awareness on road safety

NewZNew (Amritsar) : Human Life is the most precious and wonderful gift of God to the humanity and without this life, all pelf & power, position & prosperity are meaningless. Therefore, it becomes our prime concern that its safety should be ensured especially on the roads that each one of us has to travel to reach his goals.


Roads, rules and responsible users – when in tune can reduce the number of accidents and save the loss of precious human lives. With this conviction, Traffic Police Amritsar, Big FM & Volunteers of City based NGO Voice of Amritsar, ECO Amritsar & students of Millennium School Amritsar & Avaas Lifestyle Hotel , have taken up this significant issue as a part of their agenda. They have been sensitizing the people specially the youth regarding the necessity of observing road safety norms consecutively. 92.7 BIG FM Amritsar started a traffic awareness campaign- keep calm, follow traffic rules and be a ‘Honhaar Singh’. The idea is to find the people who religiously follow traffic rules, gratify them and award them with the title “Honhaar Singh” of Amritsar. The bigger idea is to sensitize people on traffic related problems, removal of encroachments, putting up of direction and traffic signs at proper places and strict enforcement of the traffic rules with the help of Traffic Police. In the month long activity, every week teams will go to different crowded Traffic signals of the city and find “Honhaar Singh” ( every week 5). RJs will promote this activity through radio and inform their listeners well in advance about the scheduled activity every week.

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The campaign started last week from Novelty Chowk Traffic Signal and covered Sadar Thana, 4 S chowk . “Honhaar Singh” of the first week activity Heena and Karthik said they were surprised when all of a sudden Volunteers from BIG FM Team and Traffic Police stopped them and gratified them for obeying traffic rules. This was a completely new experience for them and they feel happy that traffic police is not just finding defaulters but also gratifying people who follow traffic rules. Volunteers also motivated the girls to wear helmets and boys to stay away from stunts.

In next few days campaign will be activated at places in the entire walled city that includes Hall Bazar, Katra Jaimal Singh, Dhab khatikaan, Ram bhag Chowk and Bus stand are some areas where traffic management gets difficult at times. Big FM plans to cover all such areas to find Honhaar Singh’s of Amritsar.


Addressing the media Senior Traffic Police officials said that, “People generally know the traffic rules, they just need to be reminded time & again until they become accustomed to following them “.

Speaking about this unique initiative, BIG FM Station Head Aman Sharma and Programming Manager Simran said, “Traffic issues are increasing day by day in the city. We have heterogeneous traffic, little enforcement of no-entry timings and huge problem of drunken driving.” It is very important to keep reminding people of their responsibilities and an CSR initiative are doing our job to make them as aware as possible.

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