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NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Nita Mehta has entered the hearts and homes of millions of people across the globe through her cookbooks. In the discussion of a recipe, Nita becomes the reader’s teacher and friend. Her knowledge is based on the solid backbone of an MSc. degree and Gold Medal in Food and Nutrition. Her recipes work every time because they are tested again and again, and explained step by step. Their appeal lies in the creative blend of exciting flavours that appeal to every palate.

DSC_3761No one is born expert , in right hands,under right guidance and under innovative but experienced guru all of us can become expert, said Nita Mehta after live demo. she further added 20 years ago I wrote my best selling book ‘Paneer all the way’ and now after 20 years I have launched my special ‘Paneer Masala’ under my brand ‘Kitchen Queen Nita Mehta’ – this Paneer masala will surely add a magic flavour to all your paneer dishes

Elante Mall  third floor KELONG was thronged by food lovers  …………..let me correct by housewives but practically  acting as full time chefs without formal training  , Kelong had different scenario today  20 times reprinted book Paneer all the way author Neeta Mehta displayed experience of thirty  years plus to Chandigarhians   by  conducting a cooking class using her latest creation – Indian spice blends – these spice blends are specially formulated using her cooking experience of over 30 years .

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Matar Paneer is nothing special for indians. Right. But today Indian culinary guru Nita Mehta started her llive demo she called  her Matar Paneer, “My Special Matar Paneer”, it is something special to talk about. The making of Matar Paneer is no big art. Onion-tomato paste, ginger-garlic paste, Nita Mehta Paneer masala,paneer and green peas. Done!
Nita Mehta, gives wonderful twist to its making, and believe me, if the recipe is followed religiously , it would produce results!
Indian cottage cheese (Paneer, as we call it) is very versatile. It does not have any distinct flavour on its own, but absorbs the flavour of whatever it is put into. Any form of curry, be it tomato based or spinach based, or whether you barbeque it or grill it, do whatever, paneer tastes ‘out of this world’!

Nita Mehta has written over 400 books on various topics, covering a multitude of cuisines from around the world. 350 of her books have been on the best-seller list, and in the short span of a few years she has sold over 7 million books. Several of her books have also won International Awards. She has conducted cooking classes in USA, UK, Canada and several other countries, and appeared on many TV channels in cookery shows.
Nita Mehta creates recipes for food-related companies around the world. Her Cooking institutes all over india have trained several hundred thousand aspiring young men and women into expert cooks.

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Her second book Paneer All the Way, an instant best-seller. Re-printed over 20 times!

The popular size and style of writing of Nita Mehta Cookbooks became the de-facto standard of the Cookbooks market.

Range of Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Masalas

  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Paneer Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Shahi Garam Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Chicken Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Jayka Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Pav Bhaji Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Meat Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Biryani Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Dal Makhni Masala
  • Neeta Mehta Kitchen Queen Nimbu Paani Masala


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