PHD Chamber & Telangana Tourism joined hands to take Bathukama Festival on Global Canvas


Chandigarh 17th Oct 2015: PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry along with Telangana Tourism will take their religious and most famous festival “Bathukamma” to North India including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, UP etc. This was disclosed by Mr. B. Venkatesham Secretary, Department of Youth Advancement, Tourism, & Culture, Government of Telangana. Telangana Government will also hold BATHUKAMMA Carnivals in collaboration with PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry to popularize the colourful and vibrant festival of Telangana for north India, a commitment that it will evolve into a global carnival by 2020.

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Explaining about the Bathukamma, Mr. B. Venkatesham Secretary Department of Youth Advancement, Tourism, & Culture, Government of Telangana said, “Bathukamma is a beautiful flower stack, arranged with different unique seasonal flowers most of them with medicinal values, in seven concentric layers in the shape of temple towers. Bathukamma is a combination of two words of Telugu language, viz., bathuku (life) and amma (mother). As such, Bathukamma is a rendering of humans to MOTHER NATURE. It is one sort of tribute of mankind to Nature and shows the harmony and relationship between them”.

“This festival is celebrated to glorify womanhood and her exalted position in the family. During the celebration, Goddess ‘Gauri’ the patron Goddess of womanhood is worshipped by all the women with utmost devotion and piety. Bathukamma is the biggest flower festival of the world which is celebrated by women”, said Mr. Venkatesham.

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According to him, Bathukamma is celebrated with joy and gaiety in the entire State of Telangana. During this 9 day festival,   there are dance performances, music, dramas and a variety of entertainments as lakhs of tourists and locals too, flock to witness the festivities and celebrations.

Mr. Gopal Jiwarajka, Vice President, PHD Chamber told that the newly carved out state of Telangana would make the Bathukamma as a pan India festival since in the past, the celebration of this festival stayed confined to Telangana region in the united Andhra Pradesh.

“Now that the 29th State of the Indian Union has come into existence since 2014, the government of Telangana has pledged to itself to gradually extend it to all part of the country as this is the only festival perhaps in the entire globe that seeks to empower a female child and the women’s as a whole”, said Mr. Jiwarajka.

This is an ideal occasion to visit the State of Telangana which offers its visitors a plethora of places of pristine natural beauty, abundant wildlife, magnificent palaces and forts reflecting architectural blends along with   immense opportunities to explore its artistic and cultural enrichment.

The State Government of Telangana has an ambitious plan to transform this occasion as a Global Carnival at Hyderabad with an estimated footfall of around 1 million people by 2025. Directorate of Tourism and Department of  Language & Culture,  Government of Telangana and  PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry have joined hands to position it as a leading Tourism Carnival of the country under the brand of F3 (Female, Flower, Festival) Carnival.

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