Progressive Farmer scripts success story by adopting crop diversification model of Punjab Government


Adopts innovative techniques in dairy farming venture

DSC02413-700x525NewZNew (Chandigarh) : The crop diversification model of Punjab Government has started showing results. A farmer of village Bahadarpur in district Roopnagar has been able to script a success story under this model that can become a lesson for evolving far economics where farmers were struck in the debt trap.

The progressive farmer Dilbar Singh said that he decide to wriggle out of the vicious crop cycle of wheat and peddy by venturing into Dairy business.  He proudly displays 165 milch hybrid cows with average daily yield of around 10 quintals of milk .He said that besides liquid milk,he was focusing on value addition by manufacturing milk derivatives and  other milk products mostly for export market

  Nurturing every cow as his proud asset, he fondly shows a cow  of sahiwal breed that yields 40 kg milk daily. Fully conscious of his duty towards his village Dilbar Singh has also established 2 bio gas plants in the village and manufacturing gas from these by mixing bio waste of cows. He said that he is supplying gas to the entire village free of cost and proudly claims that his whole village does not crib whenever there is a hike in LPG price because whole village is LPG free. Divulging further details he said that he has established 2 bio gas plants of 35 square meters. He informed that bio waste of the cows is used and processed for the making of gas and in organic farming also. He is supplying bio gas free of cost for 6 hours in the winter and 24 hours in the summer season since 2011. In one of the most modern bio gas plant ,waste of cows reaches these plants through underground pipes from where the prepared gas reaches about 75 households in the village. He has laid down gas pipeline in the whole village at his own cost and he uses the residue of bio waste plants for organic farming purposes.

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Giving more information, he said that this residue, which is in liquid form, is sold to the village farmers at Rs. 500 per tanker by scattering it in the fields; one doesn’t need either spray or urea. He informed that the milk of cows is extracted in the milk parlour through modern machines and this milk reaches bulk milk parlour directly through pipes. He said that the dairy farm is totally computerized.

He also conveyed that he started this innovative venture in 2010 and now he possesses 165 cows and a 225×90 feet cowshed. Regarding the feed of cows, he said that it is arranged for the whole season at a time.

According to him, he has also opened 7 centers for the sale of products manufactured in the dairy farm and products can also be ordered online on the website He said that he also exports sweetmeats manufactured here to countries like- Canada and United States.

Informing that his village bahadurpur has been selected as rural and farm tourism by the state government he said that his future plan is to further diversify into food industry and give fillip to rural tourism.