Punjabi Food Festival ‘Swaad Punjab Da’ starts at Hotel Cama


Swad Punjab DaNewZNew (Mohali) : Punjabis are known for their zest for life. These happy go lucky people work hard & are fond of their food and drink. Their partiality for food has brought a varied and sumptuous fare on the dining tables of these hardy folks. The reason: Hotel Cama, Mohali has organized a Punjabi Food Festival aptly named ‘Swaad Punjab Da’ that will be on till 30th November 2014. Says Mr. Inderdeep Singh, Director, Hotel Cama, “We see an onslaught of International cuisines and there is a surfeit of Western Fast Food too these days in the hospitality sector. We wanted to go back to the roots of Punjabi culture through the rich legacy of Punjabi food, which has not just created a name for itself in India but also abroad. This led to germination of ‘Swaad Punjab Da’.”

A cue was also taken from the arrival of winters. It is that time of the year when the Fields of Punjab are coloured Yellow with mustard, or ‘Sarson’, which is an all time favourite of Punjabis. Therefore, ‘Saron Da Saag’ is obviously there on the festival menu at ‘Swaad Punjab Da’ Food Festival combined with its inimitable ‘Makki Di Roti.’

So what do we get at the food festival? The list is long but as a sample we present some of the delectable items. There will be “Lassi   — Kessarwali Mithi & Looni to wash it all down with and of course to ignite that lovely feeling of an afternoon siesta after a full course meal at the festival. The unique Soup, ‘Chhali Badam Ka Shorba’ & different Salads have also been prepared for the food festival. The culinary team has worked out some gastronomical delights for the fiesta. Says Mr. Rinku Jamwal, Executive Sous Chef, Hotel Cama, “Mouth watering starters are certainly an attraction at ‘Swaad Punjab Da’. Vegetarians will have their palates full as they have enticing choices like ‘Lal Mirch da Paneer Tikka’, “Kesari  Paneer Kali Mirchan Wala’, ‘Walaiti Gobhi’, ‘Bhatti da salad’ et al.” Can Non Vegetarians be far behind at a Punjabi Food Festival?  Adds the Chef, “Starters’ options for those who relish their chicken & fish include ‘Amritsari Machli, ‘Lahsun aur Moongphali wali machli, the good old ‘Tandoori Kukkad’ and an exotic, ‘Chinese Adrak Wala Murgh Tikka’ among others.”

In-so-far as, Main Course is concerned there are dishes like  ‘Tandoori Paneer Masala’, ‘Aloo Gobhi Dhaniya Adrak’, ‘Saron da Saag’, ‘Ambarsari Chhole’, ‘Dal Fry’ for vegetarians. For the Non – Vegetarians there is ‘Murgh makhan aur kasoori methi wala’, ‘Tariwala murgh’, and ‘Rara Gosht’. The  Breads chosen have a distinct Punjabi flavour–  Ambarsari Kulcha, Makki di Roti, Mirchan wala Parantha, Lahsun Naan, Lachhedar Parantha, & Sadi Roti are all there. Of course you have many rice options too. To round up the sumptuous dining experience food lovers will be in for a sweet treat – of Kesarwali Phirni and Moongi Dal Halwa.

Sums up Mr. Inderdeep Singh, “We are trying to give hospitality a new meaning in Mohali and because of this objective different kinds of food festivals are organized from time to time. We have also formally unveiled today a state-of-the-art banquet facility that can accommodate up-to 160 Guests.18 new rooms have also been constructed, taking the number to 37 rooms of various categories.”