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Relive the magical memories created by Saffron at JW Marriott Chandigarh

Enjoy The Best From All The Food Festivals Hosted By Saffron At ‘Best Of Saffron’ Food Festival As Your Favourite Fine Dining Destination Gears Up For An Overhaul

NewZNew (Chandigarh) : As it prepares to reinvent itself, Saffron, the fine dining restaurant at JW Marriott Chandigarh is inviting its patrons to relive some of the glorious memories from their journey together. The destination of choice for tricity residents when it comes to eating authentic North Indian food, Saffron is organizing “Best of Saffron” food festival from 1st June to 14th June, 2016. Post this festival, the fine dining restaurant will go in for an overhaul and open again with a fresh new look.

At the “Best of Saffron” food festival, Chefs from the region’s favourite fine dining destination will put on platter the choicest of delicacies from some of the best food festivals that it has organised till date.

“At JW Marriott Chandigarh, we like creating new food trends for the region which our patrons relish and love to feast upon. Saffron, the trendsetting fine dining restaurant at the hotel is going to shut for renovation during May and shall reopen with a fresh new look in June. Before it takes a break, we wanted to celebrate this journey of Saffron which we have had with our patrons over the past few years. We are looking to recreate the memories & magic of the some of the best food festivals organised at Saffron over the past few years. This will give the Tricity an opportunity to relive those moments and enjoy those well appreciated delicacies one more time. For those who missed out earlier, this a heaven’s sent opportunity to enjoy the past festivities of Saffron since some of the food festivals like the Dabbawala were one of their kind and very unique , having never been experimented on before,” shared Mr Pallav Singhal, Director Food and Beverages, JW Marriott Chandigarh.

At the “Best of Saffron”, the chefs will serve delicacies in three set menus with vegetarian, non-vegetarian and sea food options. Starting on 1st June with the Dabbawala Food festival on the first day, the menus designed to give ‘epicurean pleasures‘ to our patrons will follow in the order of Awadhi, Kashmiri, Kebabs, Royal, Punjabi and Rampuri for the next six days till the 7th June.  The food festival will serve food in the same cyclical order for the next seven days till the 14th June.

The residents of Chandigarh will get to experience the feel and magic of Dabbawalas who have enamoured Mumbai by daily supplying yummiest of home-cooked food to residents of the city on the first day. The visiting patrons will get to relish select specialties like Aloogadda Batana Curry, Bhendakaya Maggiga Pulusu, Carrot Beans Thalimpu on the veg menu and Mirapakaya kodi, Mutton Pepper Fry on the non veg menu in a ‘Dabba’ representing cuisines from Andhra.

Giving an opportunity to enjoy elusive royal luxuries for a Nawabi feel, the Awadhi menu on the second day will serve vegetarian offerings like Xacuti Paneer Tikka, Lucknowi Chok ki Tikki, Chenna aur Anjeer ke kebab, Paneer Tikka Lababdar, Palak mushroom kofta, Nawabi Ajwaini subz handi, Dum-E-Dal-khanabadosh to name a few. On the Non-Vegetarian menu, the chef has listed exotic dishes like Gosht Kesari Chaap, Awadhi Tangri, Gaulati Kebab with Khasta Roti, Nalli Nihari, Lucknowi Aloo Ghost ka Salan, Murgh Awdhi Korma etc.

Known for its heart melting ingredients, Kashmiri cuisine is the perfect way to pamper your taste buds. Some of the Kashmiri delicacies on offer on the third day at the “Best of Saffron” will be Tabakh Maaz, Murgh Kanti, Mujh Ghaat, Kashmiri Paneer Tikka,Nadroo Chorma and Kashmiri Phirni. As for the Kebab lovers, the Khajur Ke Kebab & Murgh Tikka Mirza Hasnu are some of the offerings from the Kebab food festival on the fourth which will leave the guests asking for more.

Based on authentic recipes from the royal kitchens of India, the specialities served during the Royal food festival on the fifth day will enable the patrons of Saffron to enjoy a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic cuisine of royal houses of India. Mouth-watering Mughal specialty ‘Keema Biryani’, the Nepalese specialities ‘Sekhwa Charu’ and ‘Sandheko’, the Kashmiri specialities ‘Kabargah’ and ‘White Urad Dal’ and the special ‘Nabab’ from Madhya Pradesh and many more shall be served during that day.

How can one dine in Punjab and miss out on the word—famous Punjabi food. Well, the day six of the “Best of Saffron” promises to be a gastronomical experience to remember where choicest of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Punjabi delicacies will grace the menu. Craved for by people across the world, the Punjabi food festival will be a wholesome and extremely satisfying experience for the patrons. Delicacies like the ‘Tandoori Murgh’, Macchi Patiala curry and Rara Gosht on the non-veg platter and Bhatti Ka Panner Tikka,  Paneer Lababdar, Dal Makhni and Kade Masale ka Pulao on the veg platter are some of the most tempting dishes that will ensure a  gratifying dining experience. Desserts like the Gud Ka Kadha , Pan Kulfi or Gulab Jamun are not to be missed out on either.

Last on the list but not lesser in magic than any other menu is the Rampuri food menu of the Rampuri food fest which will be a part of day seven of the “Best of Saffron”. It is a chance to be a part of discovering the cuisine long lost, yet preserved with a chosen few. The rich, spicy taste of delicious Rampuri dishes coupled with its enchanting aroma will entrap you and leave you asking for more. With delicacies like Mahi Dum, Khatti Meethi Machli, Chappli Kebab, Taar Korma and Murgh Kundan Kaliyan etc on the non-veg menu and dishes like Lobhiya Ke Shammi,  Khaas Makai Khumb, Lazeez Aloo Katli, .Dal Aswad, Nawabi Ajwaini subz handi etc on veg menu, the patrons can have more than their fill of the Rampuri specialities. Also worth mentioning are the assortment of breads in the Rampuri menu under Rotiyan- Dawat-E-Shahi which include Sheermal, Baqurkhani, Naan e Tanak, Roti and Taftan.

The patrons will also get an opportunity to savour choicest varieties of Mukhwas and Meetha Paan available post meal. The whole experience of dining at Saffron will be made special by the live singing by artists on all days of the week (except Thursdays).

This delicious meal can be enjoyed for dinner at Saffron from 7:30 pm onwards in three variants namely Vegetarian, Non Vegetarian and Sea Food Set Menus priced between Rs 2500 to Rs 3500 with taxes for a meal for two.

To enjoy the ‘best’ of this restaurant, head to Saffron or you can also reserve your table at 0172-3955555 or +91 998 889 8309.

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