Renowned Environmentalist engages Dikshant students in a captivating Bird watching session


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Bird-watching, also known as birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which one can watch different birds closely while learning about them. In Chandigarh a complete birding experience was organized for students of Dikshant International School, Zirakpur at the natural environs of Sukhna Lake by one of India’s most respected & well known environmentalists & birding experts – Ranjit Lal. It is noteworthy that Lal has written fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children, which are centered around wildlife, birds, nature and people who love nature.

In these 2 hours of expedition with Mr Lal, as many as 30 species of birds were spotted by young birdwatchers from Dikshant International School. Armed with binoculars and cameras, students were amazed to see the wide variety of winged guests being hosted by the water body. They could watch and learn about birds such as Grey Heron, Indian Cormorant, Brahmi ducks, Common Pochards, Mallard, Gargney, white tailed Lapwing, Geese, Yellow wattle lapwing, Gadwal amongst many others.

“It was very interesting to watch different birds swimming, feeding and basking in the sun. It was indeed a very rewarding experience interacting with Mr. Lal to know so much about these migratory birds.” said Sabhya, one of the students who went for bird watching.

Mr. Mitul Dikshit, Chairman, Dikshant International School said, “If we want our children to grow up wanting to conserve nature, it is very important to introduce them to wonder and beauty of it. We have been able to rope in a stalwart like Mr. Ranjit Lal so that children get a unique opportunity to explore nature with one of the India’s best birders.”

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Weather plays an important role in the sighting of rare birds. Birds migrate from Colder Climates to temperate ones all year around. Therefore, the ideal place to watch these rare migratory birds are the wetlands along these migration routes where there is always an influx of these. Since Chandigarh falls along the route of annual migrations, it is ideal for bird watchers. In this regard Mr. Ranjit Lal said, “One of the economic spinoffs of bird watching is that birdwatchers will travel to a place where they get to see rare birds and thereby indirectly contribute to the local economy, which and in turn ensures that the environment is valued and protected. Nature has given Chandigarh a unique location where this eco-tourism can flourish.” Adds Mr Lal, “I give full credit to Dikshant International School for exposing students to birding as this will generate an interest in them to appreciate & protect nature.”

In the Western Countries, bird watching has been taken as a hobby since long and in some countries like Finland; towers have been erected for convenience of bird enthusiasts.


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