Satguru Mata Sudhiksha Inaugurated Voluntary Sewa for 71st Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam


SATGURU MATA SUDIKSHA JI INAUGURATES VOLUNTARY SEWA FOR 71ST ANNUAL NIRANKARI SANT SAMAGAM : Satguru Mata SudikshaJi Maharajtoday inaugurated voluntary sewa for the preparations of the 71stAnnual NirankariSantSamagam being held in November, 2018 at the SanTNirankariSpiritual Complex near Samalkha on GT Road in Haryana. For the first time, theSamagam is being held on the SantNirankari Mission’s own land.


To catch up with the dates of the Samagam and to make the stay of the devotees coming from outside as comfortable as possible, about 4000 Sewadalvolunteers and other devotees will work at the Samagam venue daily from tomorrow, i.e. October 152018 onwards.

Addressing the volunteers, Her Holiness said that the development work on this land has been going on for several years and devotees always showed enthusiasm about the same. Today also I find the same spirit of dedication and service amongst the volunteers. In fact, devotees have always served the Mission physically,  mentally and materially.   The Samagam also needs everybody’s contribution for success.

Lakhs of devotees are expected to arrive from all over India to attend the Samagam. A large number of saints will come from abroad also. For the convenience of Nirankari devotees, Railways have decided to halt every Express and Mail train for 2 minutes from November 10 to December 5, 2018. At the BhodwalMajri Railway Station located near the Samagam venue. Moreover, Railways have granted 50 per cent concession both ways for devotees having a monthly income up to Rs.5000/-. This will be in addition to normal concession for senior citizens – 40 per cent for men above 60 and 50 per cent for women above 58.

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Besides the main SatsangPandal, the vast Ground, spread over nearly 600 acres will have various offices, exhibition, publication stalls, Langar, canteens, dispensaries and residential tents. There will be parking areas for buses as well as other vehicles. Washrooms, etc. will be provided as per the needs of the various areas.

Arrangements for water and electricity supply, transport, traffic control and other necessary facilities have been made in close coordination with the .local authorities concerned. They are extending whole hearted cooperation.


Special attention will be paid to cleanliness in canteens, drinking water points, toilets, etc.Langar will be served in steel plates instead of Pattals.

There will be special arrangements for differently abled  devotees coming to attend the Samagam.

Inauguation of Stadium in Bhodwal Majri

Immediately after the function at the Samagam Ground, Satguru Mata Ji inauguarated a Stadium in Village BhodwalMajri situated just close to the Samagam venue.  BhodwalMajri is one of the three villages of Haryana adopted by SantNirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF) on the 60th birthday of the then Satguru Mata SavinderHardev Ji Maharaj on January 12, 2017.  The other villages are Patti Kalyan in District Panipat and Village PanchiGujran in Sonipat.

Ever since, various development works including opening of vocational centre, provision of construction and repair work for local village schools, Tree Plantation, Clenliness Drives, Medical and Health Check – up camps with free distribution of medicines, provision of Ambulance Service, Mobile Dispensary, etc. were successfully completed in these villages.The Sport stadium in the BhodwalMajri is the latest gift of the Foundation to the area.

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The Stadium named as ‘Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh Ji Stadium’ is spread over 4.5 acres of land with a seating capacity of 5000 spectators.  Inaugurating the stadium, Satguru Mata Ji planted a tree, hoisted the flag and released colourful balloons to mark the occasion.  Addressing the gathering, Her Holiness said that she was  delighted to find the enthusiasm of the volunteers of the Foundation and the villagers about sports.  It was a dream of Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj that the Foundation should adopt some villages for overall development.

Her Holiness said, sports also help inspiring youth and children towards spirituality.  While starting a badminton match, we say ‘love all’.  If we adopt it in life, it can prove a great human value to make us happy.   In games, players are sometime injured but that in no way discourages them to participate in the games.  Rather they return with greater spirit of confidence and courage.  Such an attitude in life can also make us prosperous and spiritually blissful.

Speaking on the occasion, Holy Sister BindiyaChabra Ji, Executive President of the SantNirankari Charitable Foundation said that it is not that the Foundation has adopted the villages rather villages have adopted us.  We find lot of enthusiasm among the residents of all the three villages we are developing.

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In his address, Shri Kuldeep Vats, Vice-President, Indian Olympic Association, said that it is not an easy task to construct a stadium in rural area.   The present stadium, is therefore, a significant gift to sports in Haryana.  He hoped that the budding sports-persons will take advantage of this stadium and prepare themselves for higher level activities.


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