Senior Citizens of Ashiana Nirmay enjoy award winning play “What’s in a surname”


NewZNew (New Delhi) : Over 350 senior citizens part of Ashiana Retirement Housing Communities ie upcoming Ashiana Nirmay and Ashiana Utsav Bhiwadi enjoyed the exclusive screening of play “What’s in a Surname”. Ashiana Housing Limited the pioneers of retirement housing in the country is coming out with another state of the art senior citizen housing in Bhiwadi by the name of Ashiana Nirmay and the occasion was to introduce them with one another . The award winning comedy play aimed as one of the active and entertaining activities the play saw the presence of huge number of audiences.

Directed by Anurag Arora the play “What’s in a surname” is originally named “Ravi aur Ravi”. This comedy play has been written by veteran playwright Mr. Ashok Lal who has a long association with Ashiana for more than a decade and has worked for its other senior living projects as well.  Awarded by Dilli Sahitya Kala Parishad, this comedy play is a laugh riot still relevant, thought provoking and dramatically engaging. It actually talks about the complex nature and prejudices of the Indian society that has far more surnames than names. The play gave everyone an occasion to laugh at our own unknown prejudices.

The play is intricately woven with India’s socio-political scenario-and home-grown humor.  It is the story of two fellow-students and great friends- one from the so-called ‘upper caste’ and the other from a ‘scheduled caste’. The former is in search of a job, and the latter wants to get married to his love, a girl from ‘upper caste’, and a friend of both the friends. The friends cannot get to their destinations because of social imperatives. So what do they do? Change identities of course. Except that, having done so, they now realize that the grass on the other side of the fence is anything but green!! Thereafter, as a play, it is a roller-coaster ride- and complete mayhem in the lives of the protagonists.

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 The Director of the play Mr. Anurag Arora is a well known name in theatre circle and it has been his passion for the past 15 years. He has huge experience of performing around 400 shows of about 39 different play under the direction of eminent directors. He has also played so many noticeable roles in bollywood movies such as  “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye “,”Chittagong “,Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola “,”Fukrey “etc. He runs a theatre group also named “Third Bell”.

The play was part of many activities that Ashiana organizes for its senior residents to keep their residents full of life so that they stay active, healthy and mentally fresh.  Ashiana Housing is having 4 senior living projects in Lavasa, Jaipur  and Bhiwadi and sooner it is coming out one in Chennai.


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