SRL Diagnostics champions the cause of Preventive Healthcare


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : SRL Diagnostics, the leading diagnostic chain in India, has introduced an innovative Health Champion Package Advanced (HCP advanced) test, to address the growing concern amongst urban population regarding health in the scenario of rising pollution, allergic conditions, stress, food and water contamination etc.

HCP Panel is a carefully created package of tests, which not only checks routine health parameters but also comprise of special tests to screenstress level, allergy and lead content in the body. This is another of SRL’s offerings in the realm of preventive healthcare and will be made available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Hyderabad.

Dr. Arnab Roy, Deputy General Manager and senior research scientist, R & D, SRL Ltd said that “There is a significant need for reaching out to people and letting them know about the importance of preventive healthcare. We at SRL are launching this test so as to help people take care of their health armed with the knowledge of the most routine as well as advanced health parameters. This is to encourage more people to undergo healthcare checkups that will further help in early diagnosis and treatment of disease, thereby saving money, resources and lives.”

With the rising incidence of lifestyle and pollution related diseases, preventive healthcare has become an important concept to maintain good health. According to an estimate by World Health Organization in 2011, about 55 million died worldwide, two thirds of them had non communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes,and chronic cardiovascular and lung diseases. There is an increase from the year 2000 as there were 60% of deaths that were attributed to these diseases.


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