Students of The Holy Wonder Smart School excelled


Students of The Holy Wonder Smart School participated in in Ubharte Kalakar competition   in  Shah Auditorium in New Delhi and won the competition .Various teams from Indian  has participated in the competition . They beautifully presented an energetic  Bhangra on the song ‘main rangi gayee!’  and won first prize .They won cash prize of 5100/- also.While encouraging the students Director, The Holy Wonder Smart School Ashween  Arora said that competitions are an integral part of life. It teaches an individual to work in team, have a strong will power and be patient and all others ethics which are important to live a healthy life. She later, motivated them to work hard and dedicatedly to achieve glories in future. According to her little appreciation boost the energy level of the students to work harder and outshine in their respective field.

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