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Filmy Kutappe – 13 in English

The moment teacher turned back!!! THAAA!! I jumped and ran towards the cinema as fast as I could!!!

Year 1967, cinema new palace Barnala! And movie “Kanyadaan” ….Likhe jo KHat tujhe…wo teri yaad mei…hazaro rang k….nazare bann gye….sawera jab huya…toh phool bann gye….raat aayi toh sitare bann gye….was a superhit song of the movie. That day, due to strict security in the school, we could not make for the first day first show during the half time.

That time everyone used to live in a big joint family including all uncles and aunts. Everyone had 6-6 0r 8-8 children and even the houses were big enough. Every house had 15-20 younger as well as elder children. There was hustle bustle every time no matter it was day or night. Therefore I made a plan with my cousins for a movie and told my dad that our exams are approaching and we need to study hard. And then only all my brothers shouted saying that there is lot of disturbance at home and they are going to study at shop. Daddy got convinced. So after having our dinner that night we went to the shop. For a little while we did studied but after that we told our watchman that we are going for a movie and if by chance anyone comes from house just tell them that the kids were studying and they felt asleep so they have gone to the railway station to have a cup of tea.

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Then after watching the movie we came back at 12 and everyone including me lay down on the bed. But there was no chance of sleep. Discussing about the movie we fell asleep at around 3 and there was no chance that we would wake up at 8.

Early morning at around6-7 the grand people of our house were doing the normal morning walk and they saw us all in deep sleep. They must have thought that till how long the children studied? Did they have some food or not? So we will do one thing, when they will wake up we will serve them with hot and delicious “cholle bature”.

The moment we woke up, uncle shouted ramu! Ramu! The children are wake. Bring the chole bature fast! And order for a “lassi” also.

That day was fun!! Watche the movie !! had chole bature !! had lassi !!!!

That year only ,1958, old black and white film “solwa saal” …”hai apna dil to awara…na jaane kiss pe aaega…” vahida rehman –devanand day Friday! It was our half time and all the main gates were closed and I could not afford to miss the first day and first show. Therefore, we three friends, surendrea-jitendera- ashok went on the school terrace. Firstly jitendra jumped and ran towards the cinema to buy a ticket. After him it was my turn. As soon as I was about to jump I saw my head teacher coming towards me with a “DANDA” in his hand. I was stuck in between, nor I could jump neither I could came back to my place.

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My head teacher said “come-come” and I was like “no-no”. I will not come! He repeated three four times and asked me to come . then I asked him to throw the danda away , he threw it. He again asked me to come down and now I asked the head teacher to move two steps backwards. He had full confidence in him and as soon as he went back ,I jumped and ran towards the cinema hall as fast as I could.

And then there was jatendra my friend, with two tickets in his hand. And said I was sure about the third one that he will not make it. And I knew surendra that you will definetly come. Before entering the hall, we both sung a song “zindagi ek safar hai suhana…yaha kal kya ho kisne jana….chaand taro se chalna hai aage….aasmano se barhna hai aage….hema malini- rajesh khanna, movie andaaz !

The next morning started with the “filmy kutapa”!! de dana dan…..

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