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Filmy Kutappe – 19 in English (Translated by Anoopinder Kaur)

Year 1967, movie “Farz”, Babita- Jitendra ..Happy birthday to you…Sudha…”.baar baar din yeh aaye…baar baar dil yeh gaaye….tu jiye hazaro saal…yeh meri hai aarzoo-Rafi!

As you read last Saturday, with sheer difficulty, we managed to be a senior student of class 8th but after 20 days only with these entire filmy craze we got our name stuck off from the school.

The very next day, my elder brother Ajit ji at around 11 asked me that why I did not go to school, yesterday also you were at home. Is everything ok? Then I told him that my name has been cut off from the school records. He asked him if I had done something wrong or was that my fault. I rectified him by telling that I do not know the exact reason, because if I had told him regarding the movie, my “kutapa “was final.

At that very time, my brother took me to the principal of the school and the principal told my brother that every Friday after half break along with my friends, we used to go for movie. In addition he asked my brother to admit me to some other school where there is no cinema on the way. From around half an hour my brother and principal were arguing continuously.

My brother was a topper of the same school and last year only he passed out his matriculation examination. So they both had a good tuning with each other. My brother requested the principal to let me study in the school. After long discussion and arguments the principal agreed on a condition that instead of allowing me to study in class 8th, I will be demoted to class 7th. It was my mistake, so I quietly agreed and settled down on the decision of the principal.

This 7th and 8th class degree is regarded as one of the major degree. You can be doctor, engineer or an advocate; I consider it as one of the world famous degree. Because there are around 20-25 cases, younger brother was studying with me at the same time elder brother was studying with me too. All three brothers studying together!! Isn’t it a super golden degree!!

…mast baharo ka yeh mausam…mai jo chahe yaar kru …chahe gulo k saaye se khelu …chahe kali se pyaar kru…sara jahan hai mere liye…mere liye..-Rafi!!

And now almost all my classmates were getting married. I used to be the most excited person for marriages than my friends. Because of my filmy craze I was an average student but my daughter “Suruchi” topped in the Australian university. Moreover, she got a government job in Australia. Suruchi covered my average grades by securing 1st rank in the Australian universities while my wife Sudha ji ruined my filmy craze.

Before my marriage, I used to watch 35 films in like 3 months and from the day I got married to sudha ji rajpura on 11 May, 1979, tumse o haseena…na kabhi maohabbot maine krni thi..tauba meri tauba…yeh shararat na maine krni thi….magar mere dil ne mujhe dhokha de diya– suman-Rafi!

In these 35 years, I guess I have watched only 35 movies. “Do banwas” (28 years) according to my wife has passed and co incidentally with the starting of 3rd” banwas” I was a film producer.

It does not mean that if I have been shifted from 8th to 7th standard, I will quit watching the movies. We had two good teachers in our school. One taught us math and science and the second teacher taught us English and social studies. From getting beaten up from teachers we started tuitions with both of them. This further had three benefits. Like we easily got passes during our semester exams, not getting scolding from the teacher, and we could easily go for movies during the half time.

Hum toh tere aashiq hai sadhiyo purane…hum chale aaye sanam tujhko manane….hum bhi zamane se tere hai deewane ..chahe tu mane…chahe ya na maane….lata-Mukesh!

Next Saturday,

I gave my 8th class board exams and then we had vacations for around 2-3 months. So I decided to spent my entire vacations with my elder brother Dharampal g . At the age of 13, I alone travelled from Barnala to Bombay.


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