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Filmy Kutappe – 40 in English (Translated by AnoopInder Kaur)


1970, film Sacha-Jhootha featuring Mumtaaz – Rajesh Khanna. “Meri pyaari beheniya bnegi dulhaniya..Sajke ayeinge dulhe raja..Oh Bhaiya Raja bjayega band baja..sola singaar meri behen kregi..teeka chadhega aur mehndi sajegi..sajke ghr chli jayegi jo beheniya..honth hasenge mere royenge naina..rakhi k roz rani behena ko bulayunga..le ke ayenge dulhe raja” Kishore

One of my classmates, Ashok was really fond of watching movies, but dint have enough money to buy tickets. He would listen to songs and dialogues while standing behind the cinema wall outside of it. He challenged him if he would sing songs mimicking the voice of singers; we would buy him movie tickets.

Yoon hi tum mujse baat krti ho ya koi pyaar ka iraada hai..Adaayein dil ki jaanta nhi..mera humdum bhi kitna saada hai..

He started bunking classes to fulfil the challenge and everyday was beaten up by the teachers for missing classes. One fateful day, he accidently took my name and spilled the beans about the entire challenge we settled for. Ah!!! I again became victim to Filmy Kutappa.

Chehre ko na dekho..dil ko dekho..Chehre ne hzaaron ko loota..dil sacha chehra jhootha” Kishore

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Back in those days, it was a tradition to play National Anthem at the end of the movie and any disturbance while playing it was considered offensive towards the dignity of the Nation. To leave the hall promptly, we always stand near the back door and leave as soon as the National Anthem ends.

Every time, any one of our Filmy group brought extra food for the member, who was given responsibility to book tickets. Our entire pocket money was spent on watching movies. All the elders keep on nagging us saying we should eat better rather than wasting money and time on movies and focus more on studies. Healthy eating and making career should be our goals in life.

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