Tehsildars to go from village to village for consolidation work


Tehsildars to go from village to village for consolidation work: For the first time in the history of Haryana,  Naib Tehsildar will go to every village and farm to measure the land. At  present  only Patwari or Kanungo used to visit the village for consolidation work.

Tehsildars to go from village to village for consolidation work

As many as 57  Naib Tehsildars who have completed  their training are not only  allotted one village each, but directions have also been issued to start the consolidation work from October 1.

Duties of 30 Naib Tehsildars have been assigned for villages of Bhiwani-Dadri district, while eight  have been deputed in Rohtak, four in Jhajjar, three in Panipat, eight in Karnal, one in Hisar, two in Ambala, two and two in Gurugram. Before now, Naib Tehsildars in Haryana were not directly responsible  for the consolidation. Also Read: Haryana to start paddy PR-126 procurement from Sep 27 – Haryana CM

Deputy Chief Minister,  Mr. Dushyant Chautala said that 64 villages in Haryana do not have consolidation. Complaints  regarding land disputes are  usually reported from these villages every day. He said that consolidation is very important to resolve such cases.

He said that for centuries, the land records of these villages  were registered in the Bigha and Biswa, while the entire Haryana has land records registered  in acre, kanal and marla. The land of the farmers of these villages is divided and the farmers were not able to find way to reach their fields. He informed that due to consolidation, the  ‘Zamindar’ (Land Owner)  will have legal ownership of his land. Also Read: Haryana CM unveil the statue of Bapu Balmukund Gupta

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The Deputy Chief Minister said that all Naib Tehsildars have been directed to complete the task of consolidation within the stipulated time period. The  names of Tehsildars who have been put on duty for this work include  Shekhar in Nanhera village of Panipat district, Kirti in Kaloi village of Jhajjar district, Abhinav in Samaspur village of Dadri district, Pradeep Kumar in Bilaspur village in Panipat district and Arun Lohan in Gudana village of Dadri district. Also Read: Flipkart Wholesale announces 1st, Big Festival Month- fashion sale

Likewise, Rohit Kaushik in Chhara village of Jhajjar district, Shelly Malik in Kultana village of Rothak district, Umesh Kumar in Prem Nagar village of Bhiwani district, Deepak in Ghanghala village of Bhiwani district, Jatinder Gill in Mokhra kheri village of  Rothak district, Ajay Malik in Bindravan of Dadri district and  Prateek in Kheri Hoshdarpur village of Jhajjar  district.  

Similarly,  Saurabh Sharma in Dhani Phogat village of Dadri district, Astiva Parashar in Mokhra Roj  village  of Jhajjar district, Ankit  in Pataudi village of Bhiwani district, Manish Sharma in Girawad village of Rohtak district, Rashwinder Singh Duhan in Bhaini Chanderpal village of Rohtak district. Also Read: Punjab CM launches stir against farm laws at Bhagat Singh’s village

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Kunwar Deep Singh in Tiwala village of Dadri village, Satwinder Kumar in Amritpur Kalan village of  Karnal district, Arun Kumari in Shikohpur village of Gurugram district, Sahil Arora in Amritpur Khurd of Karnal district, Paurush Pahal in Salola village of Ambala district, Abhimanyu in Chhapar village of Dardi  district, Ravinder Sharma in Ladwas village of Bhiwani  district, Neha Yadav in Pichopa Khurd, Kanhara, Laad village of Dardi district, Ombir in Nimar village of Dadri district, Abhinav Siwatch in Dariyapur village of Bhiwani district, Yogendra Dhankhar in Saral village of Bhiwani district , Navdeep in Sandwa village of Bhiwani district, Ashish Kumar in  Manglaura Qadim village of Karnal district, Pradyuman in Chaugaon village of Karnal district. Rahul Rathi in Miran village of Bhiwani district, Bharat Bhushan in Singhani village of Bhiwani district, Ashok Kumar in Kitlana village of Bhiwani district, Amit Kumar Mathur in Jui Khurd village of Bhiwani district, Gaurav Rojara in Paintawas Khurd village of Dadri district.

Ankit Gehlot in Leghan Bhanan village of  Bhiwani district, Ravi Kumar in Gokal village of Dadri district , Amit Singh in Nangal village  of Karnal district, Achun in Bishangarh village of Karnal district, Ajay Kumar in Dabkoli Khurd village of Karnal district, Pramod in Nidana of Rohtak district, Sneha in Kubja Nagar village  of  Dadri district, Rajesh Kumar in Mohay Ud Dinpur village of Karnal district, Shyamsunder in Harioli village of Ambala district, Karan Kumar in Rambass village of  Dadri district and Siraj Khan in a Pahari village of Bhiwani district.

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Similarly, Shivraj in Hatwala village of Panipat district, Jitender in Nihalgarh village of Dadri district, Mukul in Kharkeri village of Bhiwani, Hisar, Balram Jakhar in Mohabatpur village of Hisar district, Gaurav in Mai Kalan of Dadri district, Lokesh Kumar in Todi village of Dadri district, Anshul Arora in Mai khurd village of Dadri district, Sunil Kumar in Mandholi Kalan and for Gokulpurwa of Bhiwani district, Harish Chander in Chandeni village of Dadri district and Balwinder Singh in Jhojhu Khurd village of Dadri district have been put on duty.


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