The Tribe Concepts Celebrates Three Years of Ayurvedic Goodness and Success 


The Tribe Concepts Celebrates Three Years of Ayurvedic Goodness and Success: Ayurvedic hair care and skincare brand, The Tribe Concepts celebrates its 3- year anniversary, with large group of happy customers. With the wide range of 20+ products, The Tribe Concepts are solving hair and skin related problems of people around the country.

The Tribe Concepts Celebrates Three Years of Ayurvedic Goodness and SuccessReflecting on past three years journey, CEO and Founder, Ms. Amritha Gaddam said “The year gone had been equal parts exciting & challenging. From setting up a factory to laying the blueprints of a passion project (which we will be revealing very soon) we have had quite a journey! It is also particularly gratifying to be celebrating this anniversary as the present and future for Ayurveda inspired – a natural product looks so bright.

The brand has shown consistent and upward growth over these years. Along with Face Brightening Cleanser, the brand has launched number of new products recently out of which some are bestsellers. In February, the brand appointed the Indian Actress and playback singer Raashii Khanna as the brand ambassador.

The Tribe Concepts have added many feathers to their hat and one of them is World’s Young Entrepreneur Awards 2021. The brand feels strongly for being vocal for local and they also have a firm believe in empowering women. Women have been a quintessential part of the journey.  

80% of The Tribe Concepts’ team & board are women. Amritha Gaddam created this lovely brand by combining her father’s studies of ayurveda medicine and her mother’s herbal treatments, based on wisdom from previous generations.

Know More About The Tribe Concepts

Founded in 2019, The Tribe Concepts is a thoroughly modern and all-natural range of hair and skincare products inspired by Ayurveda. We aim to provide natural alternatives for hair and skincare by bringing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the modern world. Our unique formulations are 100% organic, chemical and preservative free and hence are in the form of powders and cold-pressed oil. 

Finding our roots in the Godavari Belt of India, every single ingredient that goes into our steel tins and glass bottles finds its source in a pollution-free environment. For us, the purity of ingredients is paramount. Each of our ingredients is sustainably sourced from tribal valleys of India where the soil is untampered and the air is as pure as it gets. We go the extra mile to care for the planet with plastic-free packaging, zero chemical usage and ethical practices as a token of gratitude for mother nature. 

We have always advocated the ‘women in business’ notion whilst giving support to women at all levels – from handpicking the ingredients to shaping up the products, women have been a quintessential part of our journey. We are extremely proud to have 80% of The Tribe Concepts’ team and board as women.

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