The Walking Dead: Season 11th Episode 3 Reddit Spoiler Release Date Time On AMC+


The Walking Dead: Season 11th Episode 3 Reddit Spoiler Release Date Time On AMC+: One of the most popular web series ‘The Walking Dead’ has released its episode 3rd of the eleventh season recently on September 5th, 2021.

The Walking Dead

Everyone got excited after coming the fresh episode of the series. As the series is a full pack of suspense, horror, and thrill. After getting so much response and love for the previous episodes of the series now, the makers of the show have to release another episode.

So, those who have not seen episode 3rd of the walking dead yet don’t worry in this article we will provide you complete updates of the episode, so stick with us and read below:

The 3rd episode is a grim episode of the last season of ‘The Walking Dead series’. In the episode, The beasts will be more than the supplementary killing equipment alongside the walkers.

They pop up and are literally mad and out of their mind. In the brand new episode it can be seen that a vital part of descendants devastated by the new arrival of opponents on the slab who make it their life moto to demolish down Lauren Cohan also known by the name Maggie.

At the start of the episode, it begins with the vicious strike in which one of the beasts cut down Cole’s throat while the other spike several blades throw into Duncan. After the situation becomes worse Lauren(Maggie) getaway and found a safe place in a  forsaken shopping mall and was only attacked by some beasts who awfully injured Alden(Callan McAuliffe).

With that she found Negan (Jeffry Dean Morgan) to help out and assist the wounded descendants. After that, the triad stepped toward a deserted church where they met Agatha (laurie fortier) & Duncan (marcus lewis) only to check Duncan give away to his injuries. During that Agatha got attacked by a bunch of zombies and walkers and with that, there is two people death is confirmed.

Will Alden die?

After maggie and negan leave Alden back in their way so as to achieve the supplies target and because of that possibility of Alden’s survival is less as one of the walkers who wanted to kill maggie may be killed Alden in her place and will become a walker like a zombie very soon.

According with that in the upcoming section of the episode naming, “Rendition” Alden will not be part of the series. as per the AMC official summary, the Darl and the dog will be hunted by the beasts and will be moved to the Meridian to rejoin with unknowns. We hope you like the article for more updates stays tuned with us.