Ullu Web Series Adla Badli Madhosh Diaries Watch Online Cast And Review


Ullu Web Series Adla Badli Madhosh Diaries Watch Online Cast And Review: Recently a piece of exclusive news comes out which will be made your day.

Ullu Web Series Adla Badli Madhosh Diaries Watch Online Cast And Review

As one of the demanding web series is releasing very soon. The name of the series is ‘Adla Badli’.

It will be premiered on the ‘Ullu app’ a digital platform that will be available on online mode. The web show is a part of Madhosh Diaries, it will be streamed on one of the popular OTT platforms.

So be ready with the steady story show full of fantasy experience For all the details you have to read the complete article. Here we are providing complete information of the series so follow us and read below.


Story  of ‘Adla Badli’ Madhosh Web Series

The story starts with the fortune of two pairs of couples, whose story comes together. As both the teammates are very different from each other, one pair is that whose marriage is falling out of love because of their regular fights while the other couple pair is opposite of theirs.

During a business meeting, the disputed couple found the unscrupulous fantasies of the other couple. And with that, the husband is hypnotized and fascinated by his friend’s partner’s charm with beautyand asks her wife to change the partners for one night.

Major Cast of Adla Badli

  • Pamela Mondal
  • Captain Armaan

Release Date of Adla Badli Web Series

For the ‘ADLA BADLI’ madhosh diaries web series the wait is over. As it will be released on 7TH September 2021 on Ullu App. At present, the video on the popular platform is available for only Android and iOS.

Adla Badli Web Series Launch Date & Storyline

Series: Adla Badli

Section: Madhosh Series

Day of Release: September 7, 2021

Origin: India

Premiering: Ullu App

Platform: OTT

This will be one of the likable series of the Ullu app, as the people are questioning on social media platforms that when will be the series come as they are excited to watch. before the upcoming series, another component of the Madhosh series was loved by the audience, as they give a good response to the show.

Before the release of the upcoming series, you can watch other popular web series in the same app such as CharmSukh, Palang Tod, Prabha Ki Diary, and many more. these are some of the shows which were loved by the viewers. Now have to see how much the series attract the audience and astonished their mind.