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Top 13 Apps to explore this summer vacation

KiddoKiddo Smart!

This app is a new and innovative way to develop young minds by using over 50,000 learning activities, videos and games to ensure personalized kid’s development for all age group kids. Kiddo Smart can also help parents watch their kid’s development over time and compare it with other kids by age and country.

Spelling Tuttoe Spelling Tutor for Windows 10

Spell and E.N.J.O.Y. the vacation away…!! Spelling Tutor is an application for grade school students and their parents. Children and parents together through this application can learn and practice new words, spellings and their pronunciations, while spending quality time with each other, because learning never ends..

Kids TubeKidsTube – Fun And Learn

The app provides a collection of high quality videos which are a great learning experience for kids while having fun. The collection include series like Disney shows (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia, Jake The Pirate, Doc McStuffins), Peppa pig, Curios George, Cat in hat, Sesame Street, Wild Krats and many more. All videos are categorized into Stories, Rhymes and animated series.

Fresh PaintsFresh Paint

This summer vacation let your child unleash their inner Picaso with Fresh Paint. This app is the ultimate canvas for your child’s big and bright ideas helping them create original artwork and turn into beautiful photos. So download the app for a colorful and bright vacation!

MAdagaskarMadagascar Math Ops

Madagascar Math Ops combines the challenge of mathematical problems with the challenges of video games. Featuring the penguins from DreamWorks animated motion picture Madagascar, the game offers a wide range of basic arithmetic puzzles (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication) as children complete the math problems they get to tackle a few action oriented mini-games.

For KIdsExercises For Kids

This summer vacation make learning interesting for kids, with Exercise for Kids application. The app helps children develop a quick thinking, coordination, creativity, in different aspects through puzzles, memory game, geometric shapes, connect the dots and many more. The application is divided into several educational activities and is like using different applications in one app.

While the summer vacation brings joy, it also brings along the much dreaded homework with it. This vacation don’t let homework spoil your vacation fun. Use these applications to make your kids Home Work and Project Work easier.

BingHomework On Bing

In case your kid needs help with the HomeWork, this is the go to app for them. The app allows fun math homework by searching with embedded Bing search engine and do it with a well designed art board. The app also helps in learning tracing, handwriting, word scramble, word search, spelling, , phonics, grammar, counting, calendar, clock, etc.


If you are still thinking on how to help your kid present their homework in an interesting yet beautiful way, Sway is the answer. The app is a digital storytelling app for work, school and home that makes it quick and easy to create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. Just add your content, and Sway will do the rest.

Pocket MatghsPocket Mathematics

A perfect companion for students to do mathematics homework quickly and accurately. This easy-to-use, free, education app covers most of mathematical formulas with descriptions and images. Be it mathematical logic or sets, average values or functions; it covers anything and everything. It is suitable for students from primary school to university.

My HomeworkmyHomework

With myHomework, a digital student planner you can easily keep a tab on your classes, homework, tests and projects so that you never forget an assignment again. myHomework is available on multiple platforms, so you can always know what’s due wherever you are.

Now that you are done with the homework! It’s time to pack your bags and hit the road, right. Try these apps to plan your trip in  a better way and take your kids for that much needed vacation.

Trip ItTrip It

TripIt promises to cut back on the travel hassle by consolidating your travel plans into a simple, convenient itinerary: flights, hotels, car, map, directions—all in one place. You can sync your travel plans with your online or mobile calendar, share itineraries and post travel plans on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay connected with Trip it.

Travek BuddyMy Travel Buddy

My Travel Buddy is best companion when you are out on vacation. It allows you to prepare checklist, create notes for reminding yourself of any items you may need for traveling and Aviary Photo Taker to give your pictures that gorgeous effect.

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