Top IT Technologies Transforming the Shape of the Future


The advancement in technology brings several changes in the past few years. Technology with crucial aspects defining principles, processes and applications determines the upcoming future of the world.

There are some new innovative terms introduced in these years which are remodelling industrial, medical, other sectors such as:

Cloud Computing:

In traditional days the businesses were only dependent on direct marketing, field sales and market was seller-centric. But now things are changed with the introduction of cloud computing brings the revolutionary changes in the working culture of organisations. The cloud leveraged services like infrastructure, storage, software, platforms etc., are transforming the shape of computing with its stupendous features.

One can efficiently operate these services from anywhere all they need is the internet connected device to run the application. Cloud eliminates the investment involved with the physical hardware and networking setup. Most of the businesses are adopting cloud computing to expand their reach globally.

Big Data Analytics:

Data plays the critical role in running an organisation. Around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated every day on the internet, and not all these data are stored in a structured way. Big data deals with such voluminous and tangled datasets by efficiently processing them to deliver the satisfactory outcome. It inherits the phases like data capture, analysis, sharing, visualisation and improvement.

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The numerous frameworks like Hadoop, Hive, MapReduce, Presto eliminates the operational effort by providing a fully managed environment for driving the growth of an organisation. One can enrol in the big data Hadoop certification training offered by various service providers over the web to fetch the evident and ground level understanding for analysing the data.

Blockchain Era:

You must have heard of the term blockchain or cryptocurrencies in news or other media platforms in the previous day. The blockchain is one of the most prominent technologies ever introduced in the worlds’ history. It opens the door for contractless business operations in front of the whole world. The blockchain is an open and distributed ledger grasping the maintained transactional records between the parties. The blockchain is now influencing the various sectors including the finance, marketing, banking and IT security. Its offline data storage characteristic on hardware wallet bears the security solution for an organisation. Few giants are implementing the blockchain technology for driving growth in the big data sector.

Artificial Intelligence Driving Fuel to Various Sectors:

Products like Siri, Cortana are outspread in the whole world due to their extraordinary features of the voice assistance service. Recently Amazon has launched a voice assistance platform known as Alexa with APIs and modules to implement it in your device.

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Robot Sophia is another live example of the AI with its capability to display more than 50 facial expressions and became the first robot to receive the citizenship of any country.

AI is reducing the human efforts with its advanced analytical and practical implementation approach in various sectors. In the healthcare industry, the products like Watson can analyse the millions of medical data to predict the cure for the disease. Watson helps researchers to discover the drug by revealing the connection.

Apart from these sectors, AI has expanded its leg in industries like automotive, avionics, agriculture, banking, trading etc. The only threat exists whether it will replace the human labours with the machine.


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