Tricity gets ‘Uncle Jacks’, an all American Creamery


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A new concept in the Food Industry of tricity has been introduced by Ankush Arora; a 26-year-old Young Electrical Engineer turned Food Entrepreneur. Uncle Jack’s – Tricity’s First All American Creamery take out restaurant, was formally unveiled in the inner market of Sector 8 B, Chandigarh. The unique restaurant has stacked for food connoisseurs, treats from USA. The recipes are authentic American ones and all have been designed by Ankush himself.

A die hard traveler & a food buff with an uncompromising love for food, Ankush toured the length & breadth of USA, with a kindling desire of taking American food to India, through his own venture. Ankush has created recipes right from the heart of America. Uncle Jack’s is the home of food items made with the American theme of sliders, sausages, waffles, breakfast menu and much more. “All the recipes have the originality of the States intact. However our signature dish is Cubonos, which are sandwiches from the Southern region of USA. As far as beverages go, our shakes served in mud pots are unique. The sliders, which in essence are three small burgers in a single line, too are a must try.” Says Ankush.

The food has a wide spread & has been named quite innovatively.  Yellow Cab Boxes are All Day Breakfast Boxes which are available in both Veg & Non Veg versions. Waffes have been divided into Classics & Gourmet. The Sliders named after the first families of USA are enticing. One can bite into Sliders like The Kennedy’s, The Clinton’s & The Obama’s. The Salads are formed by The Melonator & The Rachel Green. The Cheesemelts are available in both Veg & Non Veg. Hot Dogs like Lord of the rings, The Double Wiener, The Golden Gate bridge are pure American delicacies. One can beat the heat & humidity with an array of Shakes which are divided into Classics & Premium categories. For those with bigger shake appetites there are The Mother Tuckers which are One Liter Shakes. Cookie Marshmallow & The Statue of Liberty is available. Then there are the Hawaiian Coolers which are sure shot hit against the heat.

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The outlet has taken its social responsibility towards the environment seriously. It does not use plastic & instead gives out its food & beverage takeaways in glass holders & smart glass bottles, as these unlike plastic are biodegradable. The outlet also serves its guests in mud pots. What’s more, along-with the bill comes a sachet of flower seeds. “The idea is to foster the habit among people to go back home & plant flowers in the glass holders, bottles & mud pots that we give the takeaways in. We are also in the process of tying up with an International NGO from Netherlands, for our environmentally biodegradable packing supplies. ” Sums up Ankush.


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