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UCWeb Brings UC Browser to PCs in International Public Beta Launch


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : UCWeb, the maker behind the world’s most popular third-party mobile browser by page-view market share (as of 2014 year-end per StatCounter), has released the first public beta of its UC Browser for PCs in international markets. By doing this it has demonstrated that the company is deepening its commitment to connecting users around the world with the Internet, wherever they are and whatever device they use. It comes in two versions: A General Version and an Indian version which is specially designed for India with a pre-loaded UC Cricket add-on where users can access the latest cricket news, scores, etc.

You can now download UC Browser for PC Beta via to have a trial run.

From Mobile to Desktop

Fuelled by its state-of-the-art browsing experience – such as fast webpage downloading made true through proprietary technology – and bespoke features for local users, UC Browser has grabbed a firm footing in mobile browsing area around the globe. UC Browser has become the No.1 third-party mobile browser with over 11% market share worldwide by 2014 year-end according to StatCounter. It has also reached 100 million daily active users as of the end of 2014.

And this PC version is a much-awaited addition to the UC Browser lineup by global fans who also want to have the familiar and unfettered browsing experience on their desktops. “In a recent survey of our mobile browser users, we found out that many of them who use a PC everyday are looking for a seamless cross-platform browsing experience on both mobile and desktop front,” said Jerry Wen, head of the initiative. “Apart from that, many of them love the features we provide on our mobile browser, and would like to use them while on their desktop. We gained our reputation through features that cater to our users’ demand. We believe we can continue our popularity in the desktop environment by putting our users’ needs as our top priority.”

Seamless Browsing Between Mobile and PC

Still delivering its promise of giving its users a fast and smooth web experience, UC Browser for PC is equipped with the important features that its fans on mobile have come to love. Cloud Sync, for example, allows users to synchronize open tabs and bookmarks from UC Browser for mobile, so that they can seamlessly switch between UC Browser on mobile and PC. UC Browser for PC also has high-speed downloads, with an option to resume when downloads are interrupted, as well as a smart file manager that automatically categorizes downloaded files by type. Apart from that, UC Browser for PC also comes with a preloading feature that loads photos and links beforehand so users can open them instantly later on for non-stop browsing. Add-ons, themes, adblock, gesture support and customizable speed dials are also a plus.

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