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Viaan Industries signs a strategic offline distribution deal with Game of Dot

Viaan Industries signs a strategic offline distribution deal with Game of Dot : Viaan Industries Ltd, a popular licensing, entertainment & gaming company promoted by leading entrepreneur Raj Kundra and celebrity Shilpa Shetty Kundra signed a strategic distribution deal with B Square Global Inc Pvt Ltd. represented by Mr. Girish Bhayana and Mr. Kunal Bhandari from Chandigarh.

Viaan IndustriesViaan Industries launched Game of Dot, a ‘spot the ball’ game of skill six months ago and it has organically grown month on month to become one of the top grossing real money games for the company. Game of Dot (G.O.D) is an easy to play, spot the ball game where all you have to do is register online, buy your dots package and mark the spot using your skills where you believe the ball is in the picture. Professionals judge the time-based competition and the closest dot to the judges chosen position wins.

Managing Director Raj Kundra said, “I grew up playing spot the ball in England and in those days, it was a manual paper game. We have just digitized an old school favorite game added the game of skill element with live judging and am happy to say that we payout over 1500 winners a month.

We use cricket pictures for our game, as cricket is the most popular sport here. However, in time we will introduce Football and Hockey spot the ball games too. I am super excited to be tying up with the B Square Group, as their knowledge of marketing and distribution in the north is unparalleled. This strategic distribution deal helps us expand our touch points for the game to over 3000 locations across north India.”

Viaan IndustriesAbout B Square Global Inc Pvt Ltd

Mr. Girish Bhayana and Mr. Kunal Bhandari are two promoters who came together and joined hands to create B Square Global Inc Pvt Ltd. Mr. Girish Bhayana has a diversified portfolio with interests in Warehousing/Logistics, Petrol Pumps, Renewable Energy & Trading. He has worked with Nokia India, Lava International, S Mobile Devices, G Mobile Devices, Huawei India, Ultra Tech Cement Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Renew Power Ltd. Mr. Kunal Bhandari too has diversified interests in Automobiles, Medicines, Trading and has worked with Unilever, Airtel, Bajaj Auto, Nokia, Oppo, Health Infra (Operation Theatre, Medical gas pipe Line) Infrastructure Smart Pool and in retail by the name of Smart Baniye.

About Viaan Industries Limited

Entrepreneur Raj Kundra and his celebrity wife Shilpa Shetty Kundra founded Viaan Industries Ltd in Mumbai, India. The company has a strong and growing presence across the promising sunrise sectors of Entertainment, Gaming, Licensing and Animation. The company’s vision is to drive a lifestyle change in masses through its technology offerings. Their unique business offerings enable the stakeholders, distributors and customers to be a part of the Indian growth story.

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