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Watch Chawl House 2 Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Episode Review Streaming Online Star Cast

Watch Chawl House 2 Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Episode Review Streaming Online Star Cast: In the present time world, there are a number of entertainment industries that have been working on several projects with the view to overcoming the stress of their targeted audience.

Watch Chawl House 2 Charmsukh Ullu Web Series Episode Review Streaming Online Star Cast

However, the Adult Film Industry has become one of the fastest developing entertainment industries.


Nowadays, the invention of OTT has made access to such industries easy for everyone. In India, ULLU is such an OTT platform that has been contributing more of a part in the development of the adult film industry. This platform is renowned for making adult films with such stories that reveal the hidden secrets of society. ULLU has announced that it is set to release another project that is around the corner.

Chawal House 2 is another series of Charmsukh. After the success of the earlier part of this web series, it is expected that the 2nd part of Chawl House might break the record of the viewers of the previous part of this web show.

Cast of Chawl House 2 Charmsukh

ULLU is a platform known for making short films with adult content. On top of that, it is also known for giving new faces and talent a chance to show their acting skills. The trailer of his web show has been released. It seems that the makers have given a chance to all the new faces. Except for Sneha Paul, all the cast are new. Sneha Paul is such actress who has also worked on other projects on the same platform.

This is the story of a woman who falls in love with her brother-in-law when her brother-in-law visits her house. Her husband has to stay in the village for some time and the woman stays along with her brother-in-law in a Chawl in Mumbai. Their relationship breaks the dignity of their relation. Later, the husband of the woman gets to know about the illegitimate relationship between his wife and his brother. As a result, the story of this short film takes a hazardous turn.

Plot of Chawl House 2 I Charmsukh

It has been mentioned in the trailer of this web show that the show is scheduled to be premiered on 25th February 2022. As far as the official announcement of this platform is discussed, ULLU officials have revealed that this platform is working on the news project named “Chawal HOuse 2.” This web show is the original series of the OTT platform ULLU. People may watch this show on the ULLU app.

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