Watch Out Of Love Season 2 Online On Hotstar App Star Cast Crew & Review


Watch Out Of Love Season 2 Online On Hotstar App Star Cast Crew & Review: One of the most entertaining and intense web series of India, “Out of Love” is back to thrill the audience with the brand new season 2.

Watch Out Of Love Season 2 Online On Hotstar App Star Cast Crew & Review

This time, Season 2 is going to be extremely lit and exceptionally deep and vigorous than the previous one. The makers and the actors have outdone themselves in terms of writing and performance and just like season 1, there are a total of five episodes in season 2.

What makes this season different from the previous season is the intense story. The earlier season 1 was based on the famous UK Tv series, “Doctor Foster” by Mike Bartlett.


The audience gave immense love to the previous season and also appreciated the lead roles acting skills. Not only that, season 1 got positive reviews from the viewers as well as from the critics. The genre of the series is Thriller and Drama.

The web series, “Out of Love Season 2” is written by Eisha Chopra and Preeti Mamgain and is directed under the direction of Oni Sen. The series is produced by Sameer Gogate and Myleeta Aga under the production banner of BBC Studios India and Hotstar Specials. The web series is already streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP.

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Out Of Love Season 2: Plot

The plot of the second season continues from where the first season was ended. In the previous season, we saw after discovering Akarsh’s affair with Alia, Meera accepts the reality and moves on in her life along with her son. Meera and her son were starting to live a peaceful life when the entry of Akarsh ruined her happy moment.

This time, Akarsh is back but with a purpose. His hate for Meera will bring out the worse out of him and he will do his absolute best to take away the most precious treasure of Meera’s life which is her son.

Out Of Love Season 2: Cast

  • Dr Meera Kapoor portrayed by Rasika Dugal
  • Akarsh Kapoor portrayed by Purab Kohli
  • Alia Kashyap portrayed by Meenakshi Chaudhary
  • Kartik Kashyap portrayed by Harsh Chhaya
  • Rohan portrayed by Vishwas Kini

Out Of Love Season 2: Review & Streaming Platform

The first two episodes named, “The Return” and the “Empty Nest” streamed on Hotstar VIP special on 30th April 2021 and recently on 7th May 2021, the third episode named, “Wicked Games” was released by the creators and now only two more episodes are left and with each episode, the story is getting more intense and thrilling.

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So far, the series is going at a great pace and the fans have especially liked the role of Meera in this particular season as she has been presented bold and fierce and it will be going to be hard for Akarsh to break down Meera this time. With the tag line, “All is fair in hate and war” get ready to witness this spectacular web series, “Out of Love Season 2” only on Disney + Hotstar VIP.


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