What Experts Suggest for Impeccable Android App Development


With a lion’s share of the smartphone market, the Android operating system is not only the easiest of interfaces for the users but also a clear favorite of app developers because it is an open source technology that can be tweaked in multiple ways to open up exciting opportunities. Some tips from experts for app developers on how to overcome the challenges that come in the way of providing a superior user experience.

Book your app name in Google Play

Because thousands of apps are being developed and launched daily, it is essential that you decide a name for your app that best describes it and reserve it immediately. This will enable users to locate it among the thousands of apps listed in the Play store. It may look elementary but you should appreciate that the app market is extremely competitive and success depends on users being able to easily find the app.

Get Familiar with the Design Guidelines of Android

To make things easy for app developers Google has organized a comprehensive set of design guidelines that are commonly known as Material Design. Google did this to ensure that all apps developed for its Android OS feel and behave the same way leading to a UX that is consistent. When these guidelines are followed, the app users will have a far superior experience. All Android app development companies in Mumbai require their developers to be extremely familiar with the Android Material Design to be recruited.

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Undertake Thorough Research

While the developer may be fired with a grand vision of the app, it is essential not to get carried away and start the development process without trying to understand what the user really wants. The research should include feedback from actual users to increase the chance of success. Even after the app has been developed and launched, the developer should try and follow what the user reviews are saying and try to improve the user experience.

Recognize Market Fragmentation

Unless the developer recognizes that the Android market is highly fragmented in terms of both user demographics and technology, the app is unlikely to meet with the anticipated level of success. Since Android has evolved continuously, there are several versions of it in the market, and while developers will try and use the latest version, they should not ignore the need for downward compatibility; otherwise, the app will not be used by a large section of the audience. While developing the app, the app layout, as well as the assets, fonts, etc. will need to be taken into account for optimizing it across the various screen sizes and resolutions. Using density-independent pixels rather than pixels is a good way of ensuring compatibility across multiple devices.

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Developers should pay the utmost attention to optimize their apps for a fast and smooth operation because apps that take too much time to load, open, or use,annoy users who will stop using it immediately. Through app testing and review is compulsory for success.

Author bio: Sujain Thomas is an expert in Android app development and is a consultant to one of the most prominent Android app development companies in Mumbai.


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