What You Should Know Before You Select A Fertility Center


There may be dozens of fertility clinics in your area and it can be a real battle to choose one among them. Often couples are referred to fertility clinics by their friends or acquaintances or by the gynecologist itself. The other ways of knowing about a fertility clinic are through ads or articles in the newspapers.

 If you are looking for a fertility center in Chennai, then it is wise if you do the research in advance and be well informed so that you know what to look out for.

Before you start your search for a fertility clinic you should know the kind of procedures and tests that you may have to do. IVF is a long and a stressful process and both you and your partner should be ready to go through the complete process. The treatment cost is also very expensive as it involves the use of strong hormones and drugs. It is also very emotionally challenging. Once you are clear of what you are looking for and what your limits are you can stay away from being talked into something that you don’t want or cannot afford.

Types of fertility clinics

There are many kinds of fertility clinics and each has its own pros and cons.

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Sole practitioners may offer a personable experience and you will also be able to directly ask the doctor any questions that you may have. However, it may not have an in-house lab and various resources and equipment’s that are available in large clinics.

You may have to always communicate with the staff or the nurse and may not be able to meet the doctor often if you choose a big fertility clinic. Also when the clinic is large it is possible that you may not be able to meet the same doctor each time.

Success rate

When you plan to do an IVF in Chennai, it is important to know the success rate of the clinic. The center will report its annual statistics but make sure that the published data is representative of the current performance of the center. The factors that may have contributed to the clinic’s success rate earlier may now have changed. Some clinics may only show a subset of the stats and others may not show it on their website at all.

Cost of doing an IVF

When you visit an IVF clinic make sure that you understand what all is included in the quoted cost. The cost of doing an IVF will depend on a case by case basis and also vary from one clinic to the other. However, it is important to understand that cost should not be the sole determining factor when you are selecting a fertility clinic

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It is important that when you first visit the fertility clinic you make a questionnaire so that you get all your doubts cleared.Ask them about the doctors and technicians working at the clinic and also how long have they been working at the center. A huge staff turnover can be a sign of the clinic’s bad management policies. Know about the procedures that they do and also how often do they do the procedures. The clinic should offer a wide range of infertility treatments and also be familiar with the latest technology.


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