Why Is It so Important for Online Casinos to Have a Mobile App?


Why Is It so Important for Online Casinos to Have a Mobile App?: Gambling is one of the most common and popular ways of entertainment since at least the 17th Century.

Why Is It so Important for Online Casinos to Have a Mobile App?

It has been popular from the tiny backyards and small alleys to the large and shiny casino halls. Suddenly, with the creation of the Internet, it became more accessible than ever. The online 888 casino turned into a superstar.

You don’t have to travel anymore. All you need is a computer and a reliable connection. That sounds great, doesn’t it? But after a while this was not enough due to the fact that you can play only in your spare time.

Gambling companies saw the unused potential and started developing mobile platforms. Solid investments were made in the improvement of mobile phones and smart devices, too. In order for the new wave to be pushed through. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of free mobile apps available online. You can get your desired game only with a few clicks.

Advantages of mobile applications

Definitely the biggest advantage is the possibility to play from everywhere. You get instant access to your online casino no matter if you are at work, on a vacation, at home, or in the garden. That freedom quickly was adopted by gamblers and they almost stopped using their personal computers for playing purposes.

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Privacy is also very important. Often, the computer at home is used by everyone in the family. What if you don’t want others to know your passion? There is nothing bad, actually, but some people just prefer to be that way. And if that provides comfort to their customers it’s fine for the gaming companies, too.

The mobile online casino provides a wide range of available games. But also there are dozens of applications for playing single games. It could be distractive to have the whole library on one place. If you are a fan of slots then you can download your favorite machine or just a couple of titles, the choice is yours. App Store and Google Play are flooded by suitable titles.

The leading software companies are working on and on in order to improve their products. As a result, the created games are compatible with all popular operating systems – iOS, Android, and Windows. In that way, they remove any obstacles in front of their potential clients.

Indeed each online casino provides a large number of payment options. But playing through your smart device you have even more options. In recent years, E-wallets became a very popular payment method. Respectively, you can now use your phone in any payment option you want. Initially, it was a limited service available from one or two companies only. However, that practice won people’s trust and soon became widely used. It’s even fashionable to use systems like Apple Pay, PayPal One Touch, Zelle, Venmo, Google Pay, and many others.

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Live Casino Games and Bonuses

Through its mobile application, each online casino can promote live versions of casino games. Live blackjack, for example, is responsible for a significant part of all real money casinos. You can communicate directly with a real-time dealer through the front camera of your phone. It is a pleasant experience because usually croupiers are well trained and know closely the psychology and specifics of the player’s behavior. After all, you have to be left with a good impression and to come back even if you lost all your credits.

Gaming companies are attracting new players mainly by offering juicy bonuses. Playing mobile makes no difference. By simply downloading and logging in your account you will get a mobile bonus. Additional promotions are available for almost any kind of activity from your side. For example, if you’re playing live roulette you get extra rewards and boosts if you roll a certain amount of chips, play all inside or outside betting variants, participate in a fixed number of spins, etc.

Unwanted Side Effects

Playing mobile online casino has its disadvantages, too. Recent studies determined constant mobile play as one of the most dangerous activities while you are driving. And it’s a common problem. Many people who get stuck in traffic decide to have some fun with their favourite live casino. It can cause an accident or worst.

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Easy addiction is another problem that can be connected to the constant use of mobile gaming apps. You can get easily obsessed and lose a significant amount of money. After all, we all know that the main purpose of gambling is to have fun and in the long run, the house always wins.

Other issues can be disconnection problems, security issues, limitations of the graphics and some inside features due to the user device characteristics.


Every online casino must provide mobile access to its customers if it’s willing to be successful and profitable. Today, relying on home play only is insufficient and can cause a lack of interest. In our eternally fast-paced world, no one can risk being pushed out of the market.


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